The Absolute 10 Best Places for Gelato in Rome (2021)

Rome’s gelato scene can bring you either great joy or stunning disappoint. With so many gelaterie to chose from, I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide to the best gelato in Rome.

With a climate that rarely dips below freezing, I consider Rome to have perfect gelato weather every day of the year.

While there were a lot of things that I wrongly assumed would magically happen when I moved to Rome (e.g. I would innately know how to ride a Vespa, and have a Roman boyfriend, all while mastering Italian cooking techniques), one thing that I was right about was that I do eat gelato pretty much every day.  Really.

I do not waste my precious gelato calories on substandard ish.  If you want to enjoy the best gelato in Rome, here is where you need to go.

And no excuses about how that one time you had to go to Blue Ice because it was there and looked good.  (Actually, it probably did NOT look good. The first indication of good gelato is the appearance. It should not be piled high in the bins- indicating they are using filler and/or making huge batches that are less than fresh.  Other clues are flavors like pistachio- which should be a very pale green, not vibrant neon. No neon is a good rule of thumb overall).

There are fantastic gelaterie in every part of the city. (Except, honestly, Testaccio).  Here are my top 10 for the best gelato in Rome, plus some.

Best Gelato in Rome (with even more gelato on the map):

  1. Otaleg! Getting to the original location required a trip outside of the city center, but Otaleg is seriously some of my favorite gelato in Rome. “Gelato” spelled backward, the workshop of Marco Radicione puts the whole creative process on display. Watch the gelato being made behind the glass at the front of the shop and then make sure to order AT LEAST two scoops. You will not regret it. And the good news is that since summer 2018, there is now an Otaleg in Trastevere. Go. 
  2. Fatamorgana: has the best quality and flavor combinations right now. There are three central locations – in Monti and in Trastevere, and near Campo de’ Fiori in the old Carapina location.
    gelato fatamorgana in Trastevere
  3. Il gelato di Claudio Torcè: a modern classic, though I miss the central location, the Aventino shop always has a fresh mix of flavors when I need to break out of my pistachio and vanilla chocolate chip rut.
  4. Frigidarium: In the dead center of Rome, between Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori, I love love love the chocolate candy shell on the perfectly creamy stracciatella.

    Rome gelato covered in chocolate
  5. Gelateria del Teatro: So happy to see there are now two locations for this gelateria, but I still love the Via dei Coronari outpost best. There are gorgeous sweets (like truffles and candied citrus peels) if you want to take something more… after your gelato, naturally.
  6. Come il latte: stand out flavors include salted caramel and caffè.  Bonus points for the chocolate fountain available to drizzle all over your gelato of choice.
    Come il latte gelato
  7. Gelateria Artigianale Corona: When I want to go crazy and mix it up, I pop into Corona for granita – shaved ice. The watermelon flavor is my stand out.
  8. Fiocco di Neve: For even more gelato-based diversity, check out fiocco di neve for the best affogato in the city. Tragedy! Closed in late 2017 and is now reopen but with a different owner.
  9. San Crispino: Its fame has gone to its head, resulting in higher prices and smaller cups, but I will still argue that they are making the best fruit flavors in Rome. Try it and see.
  10. Punto Gelato: With some amazing locations next to Ponte Sisto and Sant’Eustachio, Punto Gelato is one of the best gelato stops in the middle of Rome. The flavors are incredibly concentrated and sort of burst upon you. Plus, creator Günther Rohregger makes some less traditional flavors (like bufala milk or wine-based gelato), that are always worth a taste test.

And I didn’t even get to Fiordiluna… check the map for these plus even more of Rome’s best gelato!

P.S. it is not my favorite but La Romana is insanely popular: Think that line spilling down the block at 1 am in Ostiense is for some exclusive nightclub? Wrong. It’s for gelato. La Romana is insanely popular with Romans, who will queue up for the cones filled with chocolate and topped with flavored whipped cream.

Where to find the best gelato in Rome, Italy

Updated: 2 August 2018

19 thoughts on “The Absolute 10 Best Places for Gelato in Rome (2021)

    • Natalie says:

      Yes! Fantastic list. I love how old school Fassi is– the building is amazing. (Adding it to the map)! But Panna&Co left something to be desired for me..

  1. Lucy @ La Lingua says:

    Yum yum yum! I’ve tried Fatamorgana, San Crispino and del Teatro and I love them all! I miss being able to get gelato at pretty much any time of day but excitingly, a real gelateria (and by real, I mean they sell pale green pistacchio gelato that TASTES LIKE PISTACCHIO and are open until 11pm!!!) has just opened here in Exeter – on my road!!! It’s a sign xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

  2. Natalie, The Educational Tourist says:

    Yes!! What a fantastic post! I want to try each one of these! So far, my favorite has been vanilla with tiny drippings of chocolate in it…but clearly I need to branch out!! So want to go back and try out all of these places with the kids. You can have gelato for breakfast when you are on vacation, right? Isn’t that a wonderful vacation rule?? 🙂

    • Natalie says:

      You can have multiple gelatos for breakfast! (Well most of these places open around noon… so you can have one for lunch, a snack and then after dinner).

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  8. Maria Tomaro says:

    I have been to 3 locations on your list and yes, they are good. My favorite is still Gelateria Valentino, near the Trevi, Via del Lavatore ,96. The owner prides himself in homemade gelato made with real ingredients, never any chemicals. Hard to pick a favorite but the Fondente is decadent like a chocolate truffle and on those really hot summer nights, a nice melon or peach is refreshing, like eating the fruit itself.

  9. Eduardo Mangiarotti says:

    I loved your list! I know quite a few of them, but never heard of a couple of them… and I’ve been living here for almost five years! Have you been to Dei Gracchi? It’s definitely my favourite, and “Mandorla Tostata all’arancio” is the crown jewel (for me, at least).

  10. Devyn says:

    You’re missing the best one! La romana was my absolute favorite and I tried just about every gelato in Rome. Good list but la romana must be on there! The creamiest, richest gelato ever.

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