CasaManfredi Teatro: Pastries in Ostiense

When it comes to famous bakeries in Rome, CasaManfredi quickly made a name for itself when it opened in Aventino in 2015. The cornetti are some of the best in Rome, made with imported French butter. And the pain au chocolat? Hard for me to overstate how much I love these. And to top it all off, the complicated cakes and confections further showcase the talents of pastry chef Giorgia Proia.

The Aventino location benefits from extended outdoor seating along the street, but inside is standing room only. That is one of the things that makes the opening of CasaManfredi Teatro in Ostiense so appealing: the pastry laboratory is 300 square meters (over 3,000 square feet). There are 40 seats at communal tables leading up to the gleaming counter.

The new location – which is on the edge of Testaccio, near the non-Catholic cemetery – has all the breakfast favorites as the original café. (Did I mention that I recommend the pain au chocolat?) As well as great coffee from 1895 Lavazza. But there is also a selection of pre-made savory dishes for lunch.

Though there is a good amount of seating in the long and narrow space, most of the laboratory is given over to the chefs, who are working on the bakeries famed pastries – and seasonal goodies like panettone (Christmas cake) and colomba (Easter cakes).

Finally, there is wifi at CasaManfredi Teatro, so it could be a good place to work from for a couple of hours with a coffee and a cornetto on the side.

CasaManfredi Teatro

Via dei Conciatori, 5
Rome, Italy (Ostiense)

 +39 0697605892

Open: Everyday, 8 am – 4 pm

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