Bar Bozza: Wine Bar in Ostiense, Rome

The funny thing about Ostiense is that it is very much a neighborhood that is right in the middle of its evolution. It sometimes feels stuck in the 1960s without some of the charm of the even older parts of Rome. BUT, it is also home to some of Rome’s very coolest addresses and one of the newest and best is Bar Bozza.

Bar Bozza is a natural wine bar that is sandwiched between Ostiense and San Paolo, right next to the main campus of Universita Roma Tre. It is an area that is about a 50/50 blend of older Romans who bought their apartments as soon as they were constructed and 20-year-old college students. The street is quiet and residential, which makes stumbling upon the effortlessly hip wine bar even more of a treat.

As soon as I walked up for the first time, I bumped into a friend from Marigold (another Ostiense gem) and exclaimed “If you’re here, then I am sure this is going to be even more amazing than I’ve heard!” 

I am a bit of a natural wine newbie so we let the waitress select it for us based on a few criteria. Bar Bozza has a daily list of wine by the glass, but they don’t actually have a list for wine by the bottle so this kind of quick chat with the knowledgeable staff is the way to go.

With the bottle sorted, we focused on sampling as many things as possible from the menu. The enoteca has a tapas-style assortment of food. The plates are small so this might not be your top choice for dinner and a glass of wine, but the tasting style means that you can easily try most of the creative menu if you do decide to go hungry. If you see the eggplant or lentil hummus that day? Definitely order!

Bar Bozza opened last year and it is a welcome addition to the area. The interior is small and cozy and there is ample outdoor seating.

If Ostiense has been on your list to explore, it offers one more reason to hurry down. 

And if you want more recommendations: here are my favorite wine bars in Rome.

Bar Bozza

Via Giulio Rocco 27
Ostiense, Roma.

+39 348 8970047

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