Pantera Pizza Garbatella

I can’t say that pizza al taglio is ‘having a moment’ in Rome because it never went out of style. Pizza by the slice is a ritual in the Eternal City. It can be a lunch on the go, something simple to enjoy while catching up with a friend, or an afternoon snack. There are amazing places established in the city – including Pizzarium and Casa Manco – but recently there are new pizzerie striking that balance between tradition and contemporary cuisine. 

Pizzeria Pantera in Garbatella has become an instant classic after opening in late 2023. Pantera is the latest project from the brothers who also founded Trecca, a modern osteria, and Circoletto – the natural wine bar at Circo Massimo.
Pantera feels local, though, with a sign that simply declares “Pizzeria” and pre-sliced pizza al taglio that costs just €1.50 to €3 depending on the toppings. Don’t miss the pizza rossa drizzled with a bright salsa verde, or the crispy potato pizza.
The crust at Pantera Pizzeria is low and crunchy. This is the ideal of Rome’s pizza scrocchiarella, and best enjoyed hot out of the oven. 
Beyond the pizza, the suppli are fantastically crunchy, with the outer layer of bread crumbs cracking as you get to the rice and always-melted mozzarella at the center. The perfect snack will set you back €2. You can grab a Lazio craft beer from the fridge to round out the meal.
There is no indoor seating, so Pantera is best on a sunny afternoon when you can sit outside at the benches and high tables along Circonvallazione Ostiense, about a block from the neighborhood’s iconic white bridge. 
If you haven’t yet discovered the area, Pantera can be a starting point to explore the rest of Garbatella – one of our favorite neighborhoods in Rome

Pantera Garbatella

Circonvallazione Ostiense, 153,
00154 Roma (Garbatella)
Open Tuesday – Saturday 12-3 pm, and Sunday 6 – 10 pm

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