La Casetta Rossa in Garbatella

The Casetta Rossa garden restaurant in Rome

Hi. My name is Natalie, and I have a problem. (Hi Natalie).

Sometimes I am guilty of a big sin:

Keeping my very favorite places secret because I want them to stay secrets.

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After four years, it is time to fess up: I love the little red house.

La Casetta Rossa is a 0 km restaurant tucked away in the Garbatella-est corner of Garbatella.  (Zero Kilometer means that they source hyper locally.)

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Whenever it is my turn to choose the date night location (hint: it is always my turn to pick the date night location), I suggest La Casetta Rossa.

Menu cassetta rossa

I love it. I love the location. I love the prices. I love that it is local and collective. I love that the menu changes daily. I love the hippies.

I love it.

Did I say that already?

La Casetta Rossa is a ‘cucina populare,’ organic, by the people, for the people.


11 Euro for local meat? Yes, please. We will both have it. Under the umbrella pines in a small outdoor area next to the park? Ok. We’ll stay for coffee and dessert.

Umbrella pines

Garbatella has a long political history that I am not qualified to explain, but I hope you go and experience it for yourself.

Just don’t tell too many people, ok?

I love it.

(Make a reservation)

La Casetta Rossa
Via Giovanni Battista Magnaghi, 14,
Garbatella, Roma, Italy
+39 06 8936 0511
Lunch and dinner (from 8/8:30 pm), closed Mondays.

8 thoughts on “La Casetta Rossa in Garbatella

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  2. Angie van Kemenade says:

    I also have gone to La Casetta Rossa. Just like you I also love the place, not only for the affordability factor but of course for the variety of choices and for the location. If you want to experience like being a local, you can go to La Casetta Rossa. Anyway, thanks for sharing…

  3. Feliza says:

    Hi there! I am visiting Rome next week and was searching for some stuff abot the city and chances upon your blog! This is a nice recommendation – For its price and that it sources locally! I think I may pay this place a visit and have a sumptuous meal! Thank you for sharing this secret hehe!

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