Where to Stay in Rome

Find the Perfect place to stay in Rome

The Eternal City is full of every imaginable kind of accommodation. From sleek, contemporary boutique accommodation to classic hotels filled with museum-worthy art collections, there is something for everyone in Rome.

The most important part of selecting a hotel in Rome is location. There are five neighborhoods that I think offer the best bases for exploring the city: Trastevere, Testaccio, Centro Storico, Prati (Near the Vatican) and Monti. All are charming, close to monuments, and well connected to public transportation. 

Of course there, are special options, too. Maybe you want the perfect honeymoon hotel in Rome, or would love to take a dip in a pool during the hot summer days that settle over the city in July and August. (Here’s more on when to visit).

Whatever you decide, booking at least three months in advance is the best way to get a fair price and find the best rooms.

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