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As cliché as it might be, one of the best ways to really discover Rome is to wander through the city without a map, letting the alleyways lead you away from the main sights and into the cobbled backstreets of the Eternal City. But to truly experience Rome, you need to live like a local, and one of the best ways to do that is by booking a real Roman apartment with TreasureRome.

Rome style apartment

TreasureRome is a boutique vacation apartment rental company in Rome that has ten carefully selected properties in some of the best locations in the heart of the city.  You can stay in charming Monti, book a spacious apartment with a quiet terrace just a minute from Piazza Navona, or create a home away from home a short walk from Palazzo Barberini and the Trevi Fountain.

A quiet Rome terrace for rent

I am a huge fan mainly because the homes have all been carefully selected and each has their own Italian personality. These are not cookie-cutter apartments that have been decorated in the cheapest of Ikea furniture – these are real homes that showcase original architecture, art, and classic Roman style, but still have all of the modern amenities.

Italian staircase in a TreasureRome apartment

There are scrolled headboards, tapestries, and hidden libraries beneath original 17th-century ceiling beams. There are also huge, fully equipped kitchens, Nespresso machines, Wi-Fi, and a handheld tablet with helpful hints about the apartment and the neighborhood.

A bedroom in a Rome library

The charming, unique style is one thing, but my favorite thing about the TreasureRome apartments is the size of each space. Let’s be honest, Rome city living is not usually known for its soaring ceilings and sprawling rooms. (And if you stay in a hotel, you will get a quick reality check about the European standard size for accommodation. It is cozy, to say the least).

Historic Rome vacation apartment with fireplace

That is not the case with these vacation rentals. Each of the seven properties is spacious, and (miraculously) has a bathroom for each bedroom – which is not at all easy to find in Italy in general. (I live in a standing 2 bedroom/1 bath, for example). The extra personal space and privacy make TreasureRome apartments ideal for groups or families traveling together.

Large apartment for rent in Rome with TreasureRome

When my parents booked a trip to come to visit, the first place I thought of for them to stay was honestly TreasureRome. Even though I live in a two bedroom, we also now have a baby and my husband and I BOTH work from home so there isn’t quite room for four adults. At the same time, I wanted my family to feel welcome and get a taste of Roman-style living, which is exactly what we found in the Trevi Apartment.

Like all the ten apartments, our holiday home was well located between major Rome landmarks and easily connected to public transportation.

We were also greeted personally at check-in, and left with welcome treats including a bottle of wine and some chocolate, plus milk and coffee for the morning. These are the exact kinds of personal touches you find thanks to the thoughtful husband and wife team who run the boutique rental business.

Not only do their vacation homes offer one of the best ways to stay and experience Rome like a local, they also support social causes. When you book directly through the website, €5/day is donated to the Real Pearl Foundation. The organization supports children living below the poverty line in rural Hungary and uses art and education to transform the lives of young people. You will find a hand painted box created by a child in each TreasureRome home that contains more information about the foundation.

The social good is just one more example of what sets the company apart and we couldn’t be happier with our experience.


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My parents were guests of TreasureRome during part of their stay in Rome. I only ever write about places and experiences that I have personally tried and wholeheartedly recommend. I would happily book these apartments for friends and family in the future. We had a wonderful and relaxing stay.


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