Italian Chef Loses it Over Salad Cream in Bolognese

Listen – when it comes to Italian food, you do not mess with nonna’s recipes, ok? And you most certainly do not add salad cream to the bolognese sauce.

Italian chef Gino D’Acampo is a regular on the British TV show This Morning, showing off how to cook traditional dishes.

Naturally, there is always a bit of banter back and forth but this time the chef absolutely loses it when the host of the show explains that she loves to add salad cream to her bolognese. He literally cannot even. He has to walk away and rant in Italian before eventually coming back to the stove and yelling “THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!”

It is worth watching the entire clip because D’Acampo begins the whole thing already stressed – bemoaning that he only has six minutes to explain how to make a meat sauce. You can see that he starts off honestly wanting to instruct – and goes into details about why Italians really do not make a sauce with only ground beef. You get the sense that he cannot believe he has to break it down to such simple terms.

He also notes that Italians do not eat spaghetti bolognese. Instead, they use a fresh, flat pasta that the sauce can stick to better.

The discussion starts to take a turn after chef  D’Acampo pours milk into the base of the sauce to help tenderize the meat and ensure a hint of creaminess in the final dish without the addition of cream. Egging the Italian food expert on, one of the hosts asks:

“When do you add the mushrooms?”

“What mushrooms? You do not add mushrooms!”

And then, at around 4:15, the issue of salad cream (a vinegary condiment) first comes up.

It is not that the Italian chef is merely grossed out (though he does start off repeating che schifo – how disgusting) – no, he is insulted. He is angry that his grandmother’s recipe could be bastardized is such a horrible way.

He is offended that you would add your “cazzi sour cream!” (which in this case cannot be interpreted to mean anything other than “f@#$ing sour cream”).

Does he come here and change your “banger de mash??”

I didn’t think so. Don’t change anything.

He tries to move on, adding tomato concentrate to the sauce, but at 5:14 he has to go back to the issue.

He ends with the gem: Thank you to me!

(And if you want to make sure you don’t offend anyone, here is how to cook pasta like an Italian).


6 thoughts on “Italian Chef Loses it Over Salad Cream in Bolognese

  1. Jacopo says:

    Trying to teach Brits to proper cooking Italian recipes = UTTER WASTE OF TIME. Once a Brit friend of mine prepared lasagne where the tomato sauce was so thin the lasagna sheets were literally FLOATING! I jokingly told her that was the first lasagna you eat with a spoon, instead of a fork … PS : I am Italian born and bred.

  2. Andre says:

    Omg really? I can’t stand him. He’s so annoying. Get a sense of humour or go to italy and rant about something so pathetic, instead of making us have to hear it 😂 Bolognese is so boring … get a Thai chef on!

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