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Looking for the perfect meal out? From pizza to fine dining, these Rome restaurant reviews will guide you to the best food in the city.

Ristorante La Campana in Rome

La Campana, down a small street not far from Piazza Navona, is supposedly Rome’s oldest restaurant. The eatery has been welcoming patrons for over 500 years- and I’m sure many of the dishes are unchanged for decades if not centuries.   La Campana was also reportedly one of Caravaggio’s favorite restaurants and the Renaissance master has paintings hanging […]

L’Antica Birreria Peroni: Eating near the Trevi Fountain

Eating in the center of Rome can be a bit difficult if you fail to plan ahead. Most of the very well-known restaurants like Roscioli or Armando al Pantheon are rather cozy and their limited tables are booked far in advance. Other places that take walk-ins (or worse, have someone outside trying to actively entice […]

Zia Rosetta: Roman Street Food in Monti

Rome prides itself on being the culinary birthplace of several dishes, including cacio e pepe and carbonara. Naturally, the city also lays claim to a kind of bread – la rosetta. Named for its rose-like shape, the sections have a chewy crust and a soft, air-filled interior. There is something exceptionally satisfying about the combination of […]

Food and Natural Wine at da Corrado al Banco 18 in Testaccio

cheese counter

Among the numbered stalls of the Testaccio Market, sitting in the same row of street food stops as Mordi e Vai and Casa Manco, Da Corrado al Banco 18 quietly arrived with a beautiful culinary philosophy a few years ago. The space was once a little Sicilian shop but it has been transformed into an […]