Where to Stay in Trastevere (2022)

trastevere street showing the architecture which makes trastere where to stay in Rome

Trastevere is one of the best places to stay in Rome. The neighborhood is central even though it is located on the other side of the Tiber River (Tevere, in Italian) from the historic center. That is actually where the neighborhood gets its name: tras tevere, beyond the Tevere.

If you want to wander cobblestone streets and snaps lots of photos of perfectly picturesque laundry, and be able to walk to the historic center, then you should be looking stay in Trastevere.

Ready to book? Deciding in advance is the best way to make sure you get your dream accommodation in Trastevere because the neighborhood is fast becoming a popular one. So whether you want a hotel, bed and breakfast, or your very own (short-term) apartment, here are the best places to stay in Trastevere:

Hotels in Trastevere

There are no giant hotels in Trastevere. The neighborhood is charming and characteristic, with most buildings dating back to the 16th-19th centuries. From the outside, little has been modernized, which is exactly one of the things that makes this a great place to stay in the Eternal City because it just feels so Roman.

Relais Le Clarisse: One of my favorite hotels in Trastevere is tiny but well-designed Relais Le Clarisse. I often send friends to stay here because it is incredibly close to a Tram 8 stop (which takes you into the center of Rome or to the Trastevere train station), but it is also in the heart of the most charming part of the neighborhood. The hotel is built into a former convent that dates back almost 1,000 years. All of the rooms are named after plants that grow in the internal courtyard – which, coincidentally, is a great place to have breakfast or simply sit to take a break from exploring. Each room is unique, and there are even small apartments with terraces available if you book far enough in advance to snag one. Highly recommend.

Horti 14 Luxury House: Located on the edge of Trastevere, closer to the Vatican and away from the general buzz of the neighborhood, Horti 14 Luxury House is one of the most modern hotels in the area. I love the clean lines and luxe fabrics in the rooms and common areas (as well as the overall aesthetic of the entire property). The hotel has a 24-hour front desk and a lovely terrace breakfast room. It is nearby everything while also feeling a little secluded, which might be just the right mix for getting a taste for Trastevere without having to deal with any of the crowds.

Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel: Right after saying that there are no big hotels in Trastevere, I’m going to tell you about Donna Camilla Savelli. The hotel is fairly new and set inside a former monastery designed by none other than Borromini. The hotel is on the edge of Trastevere, along the river and not far from the bridge that leads to Testaccio. This means that the area stays very quiet but you are only about a 10-minute walk from the heart of the neighborhood. Overall, the rooms are simple but have some elegant touches such as jewel-toned curtains. However, the main draws are the original architectural details and the large, private garden courtyard.

Rome in October

B&Bs in Trastevere 

B&Bs are incredibly popular in Italy, but they are often drowned out by the big hotels in Rome. Given the neighborhood feel of the area, you may want to choose to stay in a B&B in Trastevere instead of opting for a hotel or apartment. In a way, they bridge the divide: giving you a homey room with the bonus of any owner/receptionist whom you can ask for tips or for help getting taxis and booking tours.

B&B Trastevere 94: Spotlessly clean and offering an all day serve-yourself-breakfast, this B&B is a convenient place to stay for a fair price in Trastevere. The B&B is located inside a typical Roman apartment building, giving you a taste for life like a local. Your room comes with free Wi-Fi, AC (so needed in summer), and a private bathroom. It is also right next to a stop for the Tram 8, which makes it easy to get to the Trastevere train station in one direction or head into the historic center in the other.

Paola a Trastevere: This homey B&B is best known for having a very friendly and helpful owner – Paola! The rooms are simple and manage to avoid that all-IKEA furniture feeling found in some other Roman accommodations. Splurge for a bigger room and you can find yourself with a patio and a city view. Regardless of room type, a sweet breakfast is always available and hot morning meals can be ordered in advance. The whole experience feels family-run in the best possible way, making for a more personal stay in Trastevere.

Tree Charme Trilussa: Located along the river, very close to one of the most popular squares in Trastevere, Tree Charme has modern rooms with beautiful design touches. The B&B feels a bit more like a boutique hotel rather than staying in someone’s home. It is a very short walk from restaurants and bars, and is a short stroll across Ponte Sisto from Campo de’ Fiori.

Rome Food Tour in Trastevere

Apartment Rentals in Trastevere

San Francesco a Ripa Apartment: San Francesco a Ripa is one of my favorite streets in Trastevere. It leads from a lovely church up to the piazza where you will find the beloved institution of Bar San Calisto. Along the way, there are vintage stores, restaurants like Pizzeria Ivo, and bars. This one bedroom apartment sits above it all on the second floor of a typical Trastevere building. It feels like home, but has been updated for comfort during short stays – offering everything from Wi-Fi to free toiletries, and a kitchen in case you want to cook in for once. It is also a great value for the neighborhood. (But keep in mind there is no elevator, so you have to walk up two flights – all the more Roman for you!)

Mami’s Apartment Trastevere: Most Roman apartments are small by US standards, and a lot of the apartments that you will find in Trastevere are so small that the bedrooms are actually in a loft above the rest of the living area. This can look cool but feel crowded. If you are traveling with a bigger group, or can simply swing the budget for the extra space, this Trastevere apartment is incredibly central and beautifully designed. Seriously. I want to live in this light-filled three-bedroom just off the main square, but I would settle for a quick vacation rental. It sleeps 8!

Suite del Vicolo Apartment: Located on a charming and characteristic alleyway, this small apartment is perfect for couples and solo travelers who want to stay in Trastevere. The cozy apartment makes you want to settle right in, but it is actually well located for getting right out into the heart of the neighborhood. It is a great choice both for the sweet design touches and the service of the friendly owners who help with check-in.

Window box in Trastevere

Final Tips on Where to Stay in Trastevere

In addition to all of the charm of the area, the cute shops, and the delicious gelato – one reason that I recommend staying in Trastevere is that it is easy to get to and from Fiumicino Airport. You can take the train for €8 (an amazing deal) or get the fixed rate taxi for €48.

One drawback is that there is no metro stop in Trastevere. Plan to walk, take the 8 tram to get to Piazza Venezia (and walk to the Colosseo metro), or use the H bus to get to Termini.

The last thing to know about staying in Trastevere is that the neighborhood is a very popular nightlife spot. Read the reviews carefully to make sure your accommodation isn’t too close to some of the bars in the area, or you may be hearing revelers out on the street until the wee hours of the morning.

A word of caution on Airbnb: There are some great apartments available in Trastevere on Airbnb but there are also a lot of misleading postings that claim to be in the neighborhood but are really in Monteverde. Since Airbnb does not give the exact address of the home prior to booking, it can be hard to know if you are really getting an apartment in Trastevere. This happened to me, and the apartment was actually up on a hill above the area that I wanted to be in. It looks close on a map, but trust me – it is NOT close when you are climbing steep streets with a suitcase and a stroller. Do your research about where to stay in Trastevere if being in the real neighborhood matters to you! Anything that says “Gianicolo” is probably up on the hill. It’s beautiful, but not the same.

Do you have any other tips about where to stay in Trastevere? A hotel or apartment that you have really loved on one of your trips here?

Curious about other parts of Rome? Here is a Rome neighborhood guide to introduce you to more than 20 different areas in the city.

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Note: I live in Rome and I write about hotels as part of my job, so I visit lots and lots of places in Trastevere and beyond in order to find the very best. This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to book. I only recommend reliable companies that I personally use, and booking.com offers a generous cancelation policy plus a price match guarantee if you find the same property offered for less anywhere else.


17 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Trastevere (2022)

  1. Jen says:

    This article could NOT have been more timely – thank you!! My husband and I live in Trastevere, but since we live here we have had no need to check out the hotel situation! But family is coming in April and want to stay near us… Thanks a million for this list!

      • Suddha says:

        Hi Natalie,
        I am bringing a group to Trastevere in June.
        Looking for a guide to show us around.
        Are you interested? Or can you recommend someone.
        Have been there before but “Insiders” know more.

      • keeley says:

        Hi Natalie, i am absolutely loving your blog on rome.
        I am travelling there next month , can i get my recovery certificate converted into an italian green pass ?

        kindest regards

        • Natalie says:

          Hello! There is no process for conversion yet, but US documents are technically accepted (though not always recognized by some business owners who are less familiar with them). However, the rules may change and you should expect to have to do a negative test.

  2. Lisa says:

    Ciao Natalie,
    I found your blog so enlightening!! I was just doing a walkabout in Testaccio quartiere yesterday!
    Bought some guanciale etc (porta via) from The Meat Market.
    Time ran out but definately will be back to explore more!
    I moved to Roma (actually Palombara Sabina) over 4 years ago.
    My family and friends back in Seattle ask me when I coming back…….my reply is always…..No plans yet!
    Too much to discover here.

    Looking forward to reading more!!
    Another West Coast girl

  3. Betsy says:

    My husband and I will be spending 3 nights in Rome post-cruise. We’ve already been and seen the major sites, and we fell in love with Trastevere when we visited 6 years ago. Hands-down, which of these would you say is the best for the two of us? I’d love a view, although we will be traveling in early July, and I know it will be hot. Appreciate the help!

    • Gail Harrington says:

      Betsy, my husband & I want to do a 3 night stay in October after a cruise. Like you we have seen the major sites. I was wondering what Hotel you chose and any hints you have to pass on.
      Thank you, Gail

  4. Mariann DeLuca says:

    Hi Natalie,
    My sister and I are contemplating moving to Rome full time from the US. We are considering the following neighborhoods: Pratti, Testaccio, Gianicolo, Garbatella, EUR. Could you make any recommendations and even recommend a rental real estate agent. We would be seeking a two bedroom apartment with modern facilities.
    Thank you for your great blog:

  5. linda drespling says:

    Hi there, Hubby and I spent two nights in May at Locando San Cosimato across the street from the Piazza next to the Spaghetti restaurant.. Although a glitch occurred ( we reserved a suite but got a room) it had AC, WiFi and elevator. The location was very good for exploring and the price was $100 +15 (tax) per night . Very few Italians spoke English though !

  6. Becky says:

    We are bringing our children & grandchildren ages 50-8 to Rome next year. What is your suggestion for lodging? I like accommodations with in walking distance to attractions. Thank you.

  7. Rabina says:

    Hi Natalie,
    We r family of 4 adults coming to Rome on 4/1/23. We would like to stay 2 nights in Trastevere. We want to stay below $100-120/ night. What would you recommend?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Rabina – you will have to get lucky with an Airbnb or similar on booking.com for that many people. Best of luck with the search!

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