Fiumicino Airport to Rome: How to Get from FCO to the City Center

Rome has two airports, and even though it is farther from the city center, it is arguably easier to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome. This is because FCO (also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport) offers taxis, private transfers, group buses and two different trains to get to the city center.

Fiumicino airport is about 32 km (approximately 20 miles) from the center of Rome. Depending on the mode of transport and time of day, it takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach the center of the city.

How to Get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Taxi to and from FCO

Depending on the time of day, a taxi can be one of the fastest ways to get from FCO to Rome. However, during the evening rush hour (from about 5 pm – 7 pm on weekdays), you are likely to be stuck in at least some traffic because the airport sits off the city’s major highway (known as the GRA) and many locals who work in the office parks located outside of Rome need to use the same road to get home.

The good thing about taxis is that there is no need to bargain – there is a set cost of a taxi to and from Rome’s airports. From Fiumicino, a taxi is always €48 (so long as you are going to central Rome). Taxis are now required to accept cards in addition to cash, so you should not have to worry about going the ATM, but they sometimes will say the card machine is not working.

When you exit from baggage claim, simply follow the signs to the taxi stand. Always always take an official white taxi from the city of Rome and do not agree to a taxi from drivers who may be waiting inside the terminal. Do not take a taxi that is from the city of Fiumicino, either. These have a higher set rate to Rome. Here is more on how to avoid being ripped off by a taxi in Rome.

If you prefer, you can also use the app MyTaxi (which works in many cities worldwide). There is a MyTaxi waiting area at FCO (near Terminal 1) where your assigned driver will pick you up.

Fiumicino Airport Transfers and Uber

My most common means of getting from Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to Rome is to take the train. However, when I know I will be arriving early or late, or have more baggage than I want to take with me on public transportation, I use a private transfer like Welcome Pickups. From the airport to the city, Welcome Pickups is the exact same price as a taxi (€48) with the difference being that the transfer is pre-paid and the driver will be waiting for you inside the terminal with a sign that has your name. If you are nervous about taking a taxi and communicating in Italian, this is a way to ensure that everything is pre-planned for your arrival and trip to Rome. You can read my husband’s review here.

If you prefer to select the kind of car and the level of service, you can book with Uber is still legal in Italy (though taxi drivers may tell you differently). If you would like to use the app, the rate was around €65 into Rome last time I checked.

Airport pickup option in Rome

Fiumicino Airport Train

Taking the train is an easy and direct way to get from Fiumicino airport to Rome. There are actually two trains – one of which is an express that goes directly to the central Termini Station; and one which is a regional commuter train with several stops, including Trastevere Station, Ostiense, and Tiburtina.

The regional train costs €8 and leaves every 15 minutes, except on Sundays and late at night when it runs every 30 minutes. The first train leaves Fiumicino airport at 5:57 am and the last one departs at 11:27 pm. The trip from the airport to Stazione Trastevere takes just under 30 minutes. There are no reserved seats and the tickets can either be purchased online or in the train station at the airport. Be sure to validate your ticket in the machines before boarding the train. If you plan on using the train to reach the metro, exit at Ostiense and follow signs to the Piramide metro stop.

There is also a fast train known as the Leonardo Express which travels directly from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station – Rome’s main train station and the only place in the city where Metro lines A and B cross. The tickets cost €14 per person but children under 4 are free, and one child aged 4-12 is free with each paying adult. The train takes approximately 30 minutes and runs every 15 minutes (or 30 minutes late at night). The express train is guaranteed in case of a strike, which is unfortunately fairly common in Italy.

Please note: When you exit from the baggage claim area there will be signs directing you towards the train station within the airport. There are two train ticket machines at the top of the escalators before you reach the station. These always have a long queue and the station is still about a 3-minute walk away. Continue on to the station itself where there are more machines (which accept credit card) and various ticket stands where you can buy both the regional Fiumicino-Rome tickets and Leonardo Express tickets.

Here is more on how to buy train tickets in Italy.

Exterior of a regional train in Italy


I do not recommend taking the public bus from Fiumicino airport to Rome because there is no direct route. This is because Fiumicino is not technically in Rome proper. However, taking a private bus is still very affordable and the cheapest way to get from the airport to the city center.

There are several bus companies that depart from the airport, but the best known is Terravision. The bus leaves FCO and stops in the center of the town of Fiumicino and again at Termini Station. The journey takes approximately one hour and currently costs €5. The buses are air-conditioned coaches, with the luggage stored underneath. They are usually new and comfortable. The trip takes about 45 minutes depending on traffic.

If you need to stop closer to the Vatican, SIT Bus is another great option which goes to Via Crescenzio before continuing to Termini. The buses all have AC and free Wi-Fi and a one-way journey costs €6.
Fiumicino Airport Transfer

Taking the Terravision bus is the least expensive way to travel from FCO into the city center. However, while there is a timetable, the buses usually do not depart until they are as close to full as possible so you may be stuck waiting in the parking lot for awhile. Credit cards are accepted, and tickets are purchased when boarding or if you want to be sure to have a guaranteed seat, you can buy them online.

Bus driving down the street in Rome


Unfortunately, there is no metro/subway link to Fiumicino Airport. Your closest bet is the train. The regional train will take you to a Metro Line B link (at Ostiense/Piramide), or the Leonardo Express and the private buses will each drop you at Termini which has both Metro A and B lines. Here is how to use the Rome metro system once you get there.

Do you have any other recommended ways to travel from Fiumicino airport (FCO) to Rome?

How to get from the airport into Rome

P.S. Wrong airport? Here’s how to get from Ciampino airport to Rome.

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30 thoughts on “Fiumicino Airport to Rome: How to Get from FCO to the City Center

  1. dena says:

    when I purchased my airplane tickets on line, there was an option that came up for shuttle service, I purchased that! The guy had my name on a card as I came off plane , and drove me right to my hotel, and the same guy picked me up and brought me back to airport to return home, It was paid for before hand . And they had my flight times. ( I did tip the man.). ( I did have to close my eyes though, they drive so fast in Rome!!!). But , It was great peace of mind knowing I was gone get to my hotel and not be scammed , or have the right money on hand. It was threw a company. I also used the service in the USA , when I went to my sisters house in Florida that was 45 to 1 hour from Tampa airport.

  2. Courtney says:

    Hi Natalie,
    My husband and I will be staying in Trastevere. Would you recommend taking the train to Stazione Trastevere or a taxi? Any advice is helpful 🙂

    • Natalie says:

      Ciao Courtney! Perhaps you want to take a taxi on the way into Rome and then the train out when you have a better sense of the neighborhood? The train is not difficult, but you would have to walk out of the station and take Tram 3 or 8 into Trastevere (depending on where in the neighborhood you are staying). Total cost would be €9.50 each (8 for train and 1.50 for tram), vs €48 for the taxi/ Welcome Pickups

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Natalie,
    Great post! Lots of helpful information. One question/clarification though… you mention in the train section..”Be sure to validate your ticket in the machines before boarding the train….” Does this apply to the regional train only, or do we also need to do this for the express train? Also, if we buy the ticket at the airport in the machine… is it validated then, or is there a separate machine we have to validate at? Thanks!

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Julie! You should validate it for the express train, as well. Any train ticket where you don’t have an assigned seat on your ticket should be validated

  4. Tori says:

    Is it best to buy the ticket ahead of time online or should I wait until l arrive in the airport? I like to have things squared away beforehand so I don’t have to worry with purchasing things in a crowded/foreign airport, but wasn’t sure what was best. What would you recommend? (never been to europe and I will be arriving alone to meet up with college friends so I will be going solo for the first few hours I’m there) Thank you!

    • Natalie says:

      You can buy a ticket ahead of time, but it will only be good for four hours from the time of the original train you plan to take. Should you have any long delays with the flight or immigration, you would have to buy a new one in the station!

  5. tori says:

    is it best to purchase train tickets online before i go or should i wait until i arrive at the airport? (first time in europe and i will be going solo for a couple hours until i meet up with the rest of my group in rome) i wasn’t sure which would be the most worry free way to do things.

  6. Cansu says:

    Hi, my boyfriend and I are coming to Rome in October 19th and our arrival time at Fiumicino airport is 00:20. Is there a way to get to the city center without taking a taxi at that time? Thanks a lot for your answer.

    • Natalie says:

      There should still be the Terravision buses at that time! You can check the timetable online. Trains will not be running that late, however.

  7. Ramamurthy Samprathi says:

    Hi,. Your info is great. I and my wife will be reaching Rome on 16th 13.00 hrs scheduled. I think pre booked taxi at 45 euro to city center from FCO will be safe. Could you pl tell me if we can converse in English there. Tku.

  8. William says:

    Hi Nat, I am arriving from Athens at around 1640hrs on a Thursday afternoon. Guess by the time I check out I will encounter the local office off hours jam into the city. Would you recommend the Bus or the Train at this hour? Thanks for your kind assistance.

  9. Mohammed says:

    Really helpful information! Feel so much more at ease about the commute from FCO to Rome city centre on my short layover. Thank you so much!

  10. Tom Walsh says:

    Remember to validate your Leonardo train ticket, you will be fined if it is not validated (machines located where you board)! I have taken the bus, Rome Cabs – there were five of us and it worked well and less expensive than the train. Google Rome Cabs for info, great service. We have taken the Leonardo Express when it is just my wife and I, it works well and allows for connections at Termini.

    Doing the same this year, Leonardo to Termini to catch the Italo to Naples. On our way back to the airport on the Leonardo the conductor fined two couples for not validating their tickets. Threatened to take one couples passports as they did not want to pay the 5 Euro fine per person. They quickly paid once this was mentioned.

  11. Gary Furlong says:

    I will be arriving in Italy from Germany, on way from California. I understand I’ll go through immigration in Germany. When I arrive at FCO I need to catch a train to Rome and then to Arezzo, my destination. Can you possibly give me an idea of about how long it might take to clear customs and retrieve my luggage? I’d prefer to get to Arezzo as soon as possible and am considering buying a train ticket in advance to make it as simple as possible. I’m arriving on a holiday (25 April); would the train be quicker than a cab? Thanks for any help you can give!

  12. Elle says:

    Hi Natalie! Just a quick question
    I’m currently booking a bus ticket from Terravsision and you mentioned above that it has a stop at Piazza Cavour (which is where I want to go down). In the info ticket, it says “Intermediate stop at Fiumicino city centre” is this the Piazza Cavour?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi! No, Fiumicino is a different seaside city close to the airport but outside of Rome. I am double checking now and it seems that Terravision may have changed its stops, or is no longer listing Cavour. I would suggest this shuttle bus for €6 which definitely stops on Via Crescenzio.

  13. Johanna says:

    Hi Natalie I found your article to be very helpful but I have no experience with using the one app you suggested, the Welcome Pickups. How exactly does that work? For example when I enter my info leaving from Newark airport to Fiumicino and enter the arrival time and get the quote it says €15 euro. How do I know what the charge will be when I ask the driver to take 3 passengers to our airBnb which is near the colosseum? Thank you for your help 🙂

  14. Patti Taylor says:

    Thank you, Natalie! We’ll be traveling through Rome on our way to Cairo. We have a 12 hour layover in Rome and would like to see a few sites in Rome! Do you have any advise on leaving/returning the airport for a layover?

  15. Stephanie says:

    So, car seats…. as an American I’m used to ALWAYS having my kids in car seats, however I’ve been told by many people that “you don’t need them in Italy!” But this is such a foreign idea to me! What are your recs doe getting from FCO to the hotel in Rome with small children? After we leave Rome we will be renting a car… what do we do then about car seats??? Sincerely, confused lol.

    • Natalie says:

      Technically, American car seats have different specifications from Italian car seats. But if you are renting a car and don’t want to rent the car seats, you may want to bring yours with you. You will definitely need them for the rental car but don’t technically need them for the taxis.

      If you want to drive into Rome, I would suggest KiwiTaxi and book car seats for the airport transfer through them. Or, you can take the train from Fiumicino into the city and would not need any kind of car seat for that!

    • Natalie says:

      Hello! I would take the train from Rome to Naples. It doesn’t make sense to fly. You can arrange transportation to drive directly from Rome if you prefer.

  16. Vito Formica says:

    Why can’t a Uber or Lyft from Tivoli pick us up instead of taking a train into
    Roma & then another train to Tivoli ?

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