How to Take a Taxi in Rome (Without Getting Ripped Off)

Ok. That’s it. I’m done with getting ripped off by taxis in Rome. The situation has gotten particularly bad at Ciampino Airport, but there are certain things you should know about calling or hailing a taxi in Rome regardless of where you are in the city.

taxis in Rome

I have already written about how much a taxi from the airport to Rome should cost:

€30 from Ciampino airport to the city center

€48 from Fiumicino airport to the city center

How do I know that? Because it is LITERALLY WRITTEN ON THE DOOR OF THE TAXI.

But there is a gang of drivers at the Ciampino airport entrance who try to charge at least €40 to take you to Rome. That. Is. Ridiculous. And it makes me so angry because what a way to introduce people to Rome – rip them off right from the start.

the set price of taxis from Rome airport displayed on taxi door

So, here are a few things you should know about taking a taxi in Rome, not just from the airport but around the city as well:

Rome Taxi Guide

  1. Official taxis in Rome are white and have a Roma Capitale logo with the taxi number clearly displayed on the front door. Only take these. Now, let’s focus on how to avoid getting scammed by the official taxis:
  2. The price from the airports to Rome and vice versa is set. It is not negotiable. If you are staying outside of the city walls, you will be using the meter instead. Check with your accommodation ahead of time to confirm if you fall into the fixed rate zone if you are unsure.
  3. Every taxi driver has a taxi license number on the back of the cab as well as inside the back door. The little plaque as includes their name. So, if you are having trouble, write it down and ask for a receipt when you arrive at your destination. You can report issues with this form.
  4. When you are in the city, cabs are not really supposed to stop if flagged down. They sometimes do, but your best bet is to find a taxi rank.
  5. Getting in the cab at a taxi rank will also save you money. If you call a taxi, the meter starts from wherever the taxi is sent from. It is a stupid system because the cab arrives with extra time already running but this is Rome and so that is how it works.
  6. During the day, the meter starts at €3.25. At night (after 10 pm), the starting rate on the meter doubles to €6.50.
  7. If you need a cab to come to pick you up, or if the stronzi (@$$holes) at Ciampino are giving you a hard time about the rate, then call the taxi dispatcher directly. That was we did. The biggest company is Radio Taxi and the number is +39 06 3570
  8. Do yourself a favor and download FreeNow. The taxi app allows you to order a taxi directly to your location without having to speak to a dispatcher in Italian. It will send whichever taxi is closest from any official company.  The app should also track the route, so there is less likelihood of the driver taking the long way home. Finally, you can also add payment information to the app to pay with credit card or Paypal, however, you can also pay with cash when you reach your destination. Up to you. Just keep in mind that the meter starts from wherever the driver accepted your request (see point #5 above about how taxis in Rome work). So if the app shows that the driver is far away, feel free to cancel and retry. If you want a €5 promo code, you can use Z8MIR5ROH

I am a total FreeNow convert now and I like that it works for more than just taxis in Rome – it can also be used in several other European cities and countries.

Don’t have data while traveling? I would still suggest downloading the app. Ciampino airport has free wifi so you could always pop inside and use the app to call the taxi if there are no taxis waiting.

MyTaxi app Rome

Speaking of apps, Rome does have Uber and I do use it occasionally. The rate to Fiumicino airport is about €65 if I remember correctly.  However, I have noticed recently that Uber prices have gone up and that surge pricing is more common.

For another airport transfer option, consider Welcome Pickups. Welcome Pickups charges the same price as a taxi but has a driver waiting for you. This is what I personally use if I am going to are from Rome’s Fiumicino airport. I also send a Welcome Pickup to get my parents whenever they fly in so that they don’t have to deal with public transportation or taxis. Plus it is all pre-paid and pre-booked. You can read Jimmy’s review here.



62 thoughts on “How to Take a Taxi in Rome (Without Getting Ripped Off)

    • Natalie says:

      Ciao Brian – you’re right! In that case I would suggest booking a taxi. You can call 06 3570 for Radio Taxi, or use an app like myTaxi to ensure the €30 rate.

      The taxis which wait at CIA are colluding and usually refuse to give the €30 rate — even though it is printed on the door as the fixed price! If you call the dispatch directly, however, you are guaranteed the price.

    • NJ Marinaro says:

      We just took a Roma Capitale taxi to the Vatican two days ago. Cost €15, perfectly acceptable. We took taxi # 1229, license FL833GG and was charged €35 back to Termini. This clown caused my gps to rerout four times on his most bizarre path. The taxi had no visible meter. Pickpockets are licensed.

  1. James says:

    Is tipping on top of the €30/€48 fare customary and/or expected? If so, is rounding up to €50 on the €48 proper… or is it an extra €10? (What about shorter, say, €15 fares on the meter?)

    Or should I be a good boy with my euros and just take the train & tram from the airport? (Is luggage allowed on the #8 tram?)

      • Craig says:

        Great advice. Wish I’d seen it before we got scammed by a white Taxi at the stand from CIA. Charged us €45 to the city centre. Had another couple in the mini van as well so €90 in total and we tipped him!! Lesson learnt albeit an expensive one….

        • Richard says:

          This is great info. My cab scam in Rome make me really like paying by card. The fare was 20€ which I handed the cabbie. I saw him quickly stash it in the side pocket. He then holds up a 10€ note and wants another 10€. My group said just pay him. Lesson learned

  2. Carlos Mahoney says:

    At the airport, go to the taxi stand. Otherwise, you may be scammed. Our unfortunate experience is below.

    When we left the secure area at the airport, we were immediately approached by a man claiming to be a taxi driver. We were exhausted and thought he was legitimate. When I asked him how much to the train station (I expected around $50 euros), he said it would be on a taxi meter. The man took us to an unmarked car with another driver waiting and we were driven to the train station. On arrival, the meter showed $170 euros! I paid him and turned my back to grab something I dropped. He then claimed I was $40 euros short. I begrudgingly paid it but later verified that he scammed me. Beware of unofficial taxis!

    • Natalie says:

      Oh NO! And agree- if you are going to take a taxi, always make sure that it is an official white taxi. (I have also heard of the bill switch scam as well). So sorry this happened to you in Rome!

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Natalie,

    Would you say MyTaxi is still the best way to go? I’m bringing my parents over for a week-long holiday in April and since they’re not in the kind of shape to walk everywhere, we’ll be hailing rides a lot. Not keen to join the ranks of the ripped off.

  4. Mary Lou says:

    GOSH!!! I love your moxy and thank you for telling it like it is! I found your blog on Welcome´s Facebook page today and am so thrilled to have this treasure trove of knowledge at my fingertips. We arrive in Rome May 20, first trip, and I shall be armed with information and READY! Appreciate you!

  5. Alex says:

    Hi everyone!
    Arriving at Ciampino Airport next week around 8:30pm. Have an Airbnb near the Colloseum, wondering what the best method is to get there? myTaxi or UBER? Or just straight up Taxi? I appreciate any input you guys may have.

  6. Jaremy says:

    I’m going to be going to FCO from central Rome in November. My flight leaves at 7:30 AM, so I was thinking about leaving from my Airbnb at around 4:30 or 5. I’ve read that It Taxi is a better app. Do both of these apps charge the standard 48 euro fee for airport drop offs or should I be careful?

    • Natalie says:

      ItTaxi is the app for the taxi company 3570 which is the largest in Rome. I’m not sure why I prefer MyTaxi – the interface is better, I suppose! But yes, both charge the 48 euro fee!

  7. Maria says:

    Sorry in case of repeated postings, seems my message does not come through.
    I came across this blog looking for information on mytaxi app in Rome. Have in mind that you can use a promo code for 10 € for your first trip paying via the app, just ask your driver. I think this info should be included in the article. Sadly I was too quick to use the code given here for 5 € that sends the money to another person. There are also other codes available when you search online even for up to 20€, tricky part is that it is always for your first trip. I write this cause maybe somebody else looking for info might find it useful!

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Maria! Good advice! The codes change constantly, so it is always possible to check with the driver. For example, the personal code used to be worth €20 as well so it depends on the promo that MyTaxi is offering at the exact time of travel.

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  9. Kavi says:

    We are here in Italy and the cab experience has been horrible, in Naples Rome and Florence ( so far) they charge you random supplements, example we are a family of 4 so there is a supplement of 2-3 euros, night supplement at 7 pm, it’s exhausting, they just rip you off, will understand English when they want to. And will take the longest routes, ( we had our google maps and they had reason for everything) they are rude and I
    wish Uber makes it here.

  10. Lara Blixen says:

    This website/ channel is great by point of view of travel guideline. Thanks for tell us that how to get a taxi and avoid some points. so thanks for that.

  11. Mike says:

    Going to Ronr for the first time and wonder if anyone had any suggestions for hotel , very close to all the sites for a family of two adults and two teenagers…. one family room . Tganks

  12. Lily says:

    Thank you for the super helpful info! My sister and I were victims of taxi scams when we visited Rome years back and I was dreading the journey from FCO to city center. I’m so glad to learn about Welcome Pickups and MyTaxi. I will definitely be using these services with my family as we do our pre-cruise stop at Rome! Now I’m super excited to visit!!

    • Natalie says:

      My pleasure! I use both services regularly to avoid the scams. I am so sorry you had a bad experience in the past but I hope you have an easier time with taxis on this trip to Rome!

  13. Jorge says:

    Hi Natalie,

    This is a great help in planning my intended use of taxis in Rome next month! I have downloaded the MyTaxi app and understand that I can reserve a taxi up to 4 days in advance. I’m coming into Rome on train and will arrive at the Termini station. How will I know which tax is the one I ordered through the MyTaxi app? Do all of the taxis that respond to MyTaxi have the “MyTaxi” emblem on the side of the car?

    • Natalie says:

      Ciao Jorge! You will be given the driver’s license plate number and also phone number if you need to contact each other.

  14. Ursula says:

    We just used the app and called a taxi for Ciamino (we were just a 10 minutes from Termini, but it was early morning with light rain and there are 8 of us) and our experience was not great. We were aware that we would be charged extra for the call / pick up, but I had asked a large 8 passenger taxi earlier in the week, and was assured that the cost was €30 no matter the size of the vehicle. For us, this was cheaper than the shuttle. When we got in the taxi, the meter was already at €14, so we were prepared to pay €44 upon arrival. (14 + 30) However, when wearrived at the terminal to pay with the app, the driver showed us we owed €54. Because we were informed, we argued the cost. The driver gave us some lame excuse about 8 people, 8 pieces of hand luggage. But I wasn’t having it. I just said, “No. Your meter said 14 when you picked us up and the flat rate is 30.” He changed the price to 44, but he also lost a tip. He couldn’t drive off without telling us to remember that 8 people and luggage should cost more. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

    • The1SkyMaster says:

      sorry, but taxis in Italy do charge more for luggage. They also charge more if you call them after dark.

      also, you do Not usually tip! You do Not ANYWHERE outside of America! For taxis, you usually only round up, the fare.

  15. The1SkyMaster says:

    If you take a taxi often in Rome, you will get ripped off. Especially in the main tourist sites like Vatican City and the Colosseum.

    How you can tell you are going to get ripped off… If he taxi driver quotes you a price before you get in the taxi, it is because the price is 2 or 3 times what it should cost you. A big hint that you’re getting ripped off, the taxi driver doesn’t run the meter. Or the taxi won’t take credit cards. If the taxis are not parked in single file, it is because mafia decides who gets the fare and how much you’re going to pay. You know you’re in trouble if you do not get the first taxi in line.

    2 times these rip off artist taxi driver kicked out my handicapped grandmother! One time, at the Coliseum, because the taxi did not want to accept credit cards. He told us to go to the Taxi Stand. Which is the only place you are legally supposed to get a taxi. You cannot hail them from the street. Legally you can only catch a cab at a Taxi Stand or if you call him to come pick you up (so he can charge you for the trip to come pick you up). The second time was at the Sistine Chapel, because they did not like our destination, it wasn’t in the Historical Center. They were going to call us an “uber.” I wonder what that would have been liked.

    You’re probably better off using the MyTaxi app.

  16. Thomas W says:

    Natalie, I found your blog. Great Info. Going to Rome in fall with stay before and after a cruise so navigating tips are just what I need even after four visits. The tip about saving a google map beforehand was particularly useful. BTW, San Francisco de Ripa is a must see in Trastevere – agree with you!, Another fav of mine is Giancola with a great view of city from there.

  17. Maria says:

    Hi, is there an extra charge for telephone reservation? I was confused by this:
    Minimum fare on weekdays from 6 am – 10 pm: 3€
    Minimum fare on public holidays 6 am – 10 pm: 4.50€
    Minimum fare at night time: 6.50€
    Rate per kilometre (Tariff 1): 1.10€
    Rate per kilometre (Tariff 2): 1.30€
    Rate per kilometre (Tariff 3): 1.60€
    Surcharge for each additional suitcase (one per passenger included in the price): 1€
    Surcharge for telephone reservations: 3.50€

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Natalie says:

      I have never EVER heard that. When calling by phone, you will start paying for wherever the taxi departs from but there shouldn’t be a surcharge for calling and booking

  18. Kate says:

    Tried and got scammed. Found your website. Don’t have any room on my phone for more apps, so booked with Welcome Pickups – they are quoting 53 euros by the way, *not* the same as the flat rate.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Kate – I am so sorry you got scammed by another site. Are you going somewhere outside of the historic center? Or do you have a lot of people/luggage and need a large car? I just doublechecked now and from FCO to an address inside the city center it was still €48. I think they have pretty good customer service so be sure to reach out to them if you need to!

  19. Tom says:

    Natalie, Thank you for the link. I just booked a transfer with them from a Rome Hotel to the Cruise Port via their website. Easy and confirmed. It was less $ than alternatives, and I could customize the pickup time which added more flexibility. Love your Blog!

  20. Andrea Davi says:

    Hi Natalie, thank you so much for the information. We using the my taxi app from our hotel to rome termini.

    Its unfortunate that alot of people seemed to get scammed from the airport to their hotels. We could have been one of those but only got charge 30€ by a shuttle service that takes up to 3 couples at a time to their hotels. Worked out pretty well. They were standing just after the Tim phone stand in Rome FCO airport.

  21. Quan says:

    Last month, I got off Milan airport, and I was approached by scammer at a Taxi stand within the airport. He quoted me 120€ to go to the City center. Luckily, I just read a sign a bit earlier, notifying that a fixed flat Taxi rate should be only 90€. I told the scammer that, and after faking verifying some info on his phone, he came back with 110€. I told him screw it. Got out of the Airport, and went to the taxi line, got a quote of 90€ by an honest taxi driver…(as if he has any choice, since the sign right there says it is 90€… ) We took that taxi and got a very pleasant ride.

  22. Araceli N says:

    Hi Natalie, I tried to download MyTaxi app from your link on top and it is now taking me to FREE NOW (mytaxi). Could you verify if this is the valid app?

  23. Susie says:

    I’m hoping you can advise. I am having to travel from FCO airport to the Sheriton Hotel outside the city walls. Daily I am having to travel back and forth to Cinecitta World for the Dance World Cup. Do you have any advise on taxi journeys to keep the costs down? or should I just rent a car?

  24. Lai says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am currently in Rome and have an early 6AM flight to go back to the USA on 9/20. I am currently staying in an air bnb, my host told me to just call for a taxi. I tried RomeCabs but they are fully booked. I think I should leave my air bnb at least by 2:30AM to get to FCO by 3AM? Does anyone know if taxis are usually available at that time and or any other cab services I can book in advance? I just sent to make sure I get a ride to the the airport on time.

  25. Elina says:

    Thanks a bunch for the awesome taxi booking tips! 🚖 Your insights are super helpful, and I’m ready to book with confidence. Much appreciated!

  26. EW says:

    It’s April 2024 and a taxi driver at a taxi stand at San Pietro down the street from the Vatican quoted me €38 for a €20 ride. Ha! He made up some lame excuse about the traffic but my taxi from my hotel to the Vatican Museums was winding around all over the streets and it was €22. Even odder was that none of the other taxi drivers seemed interested in giving me a ride, either. My hotel was 3 blocks from the Colosseum so getting a new fare would probably have been easy.

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