Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo in Rome’s Testaccio District

Testaccio is a neighborhood divided.

Everyone seems to be able to agree on the most important thing in Roman life: football.

As a whole, the district supports A.S. Roma.

However, over the second most important thing in Roman life? Pizza?

No one can agree on the best neighborhood pizzeria.

I fall into the Da Remo camp: the service is surly and the pizza is crisped without being blackened.

However, others (whom I like and respect very much) will tell you that the best pizza in Testaccio can be found at Nuovo Mondo.

There is no real gray area here. You are in or you are out. This is your pizzeria, or its not.

And it is (objectively) a great neighborhood pizza joint, where the service is NOT surly and the pizza is thin, Roman and really quite good.

I like to go for a capricciosa – egg, prosciutto, mushroom, artichoke, and olives.

Clearly, the only way to settle this neighborhood rivalry is with a taste test.

Pizza face off.

Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo
Via Amerigo Vespucci, 15
Rome, Italy

Open everyday from 7pm – 12:30 am



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