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La Renella: Pizza to go in Trastevere, Rome

rows of pizza and hand ready to cut

It is not very common to eat food on the go in Italy. However, the exception to this sit down rule is absolutely pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice). One of the most beloved places in Rome for a quick pizza fix is La Renella in Trastevere. The narrow shop on Via del Moro […]

Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo in Rome’s Testaccio District

Testaccio is a neighborhood divided. Everyone seems to be able to agree on the most important thing in Roman life: football. As a whole, the district supports A.S. Roma. However, over the second most important thing in Roman life? Pizza? No one can agree on the best neighborhood pizzeria. I fall into the Da Remo […]

50 Kalò Pizza in Naples

Away from the crowds that spill out from Antica Pizzeria da Michele or Sorbillo, 50 Kalò feels calm and contained. We literally took one look at the mass of humans outside Sorbillo on Via Tribunali and hailed a taxi. For €17 (and of course no actual meter used) we were whisked across town and then […]

Rome’s Pizzarium

best street food in Rome is pizza by the slice

When I moved to Rome, I would drag everyone out to Cipro and force them into a small shop with flaking paint to dine on pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice). Pizzarium has since gone under a renovation and expansion, but my rule remains unchanged: you can’t leave Rome without trying this pizza. This […]

Trapizzino: Rome’s Best Cheap Eats

Trapizzino pizza sandwich

A few moons ago, there was a little shop in Testaccio that I would call a hole-in-the-wall and mean that in the nicest possible way. 00100 closed but was soon reborn as Trapizzino – named for what was already their signature sandwich. The new Trapizzino shop did away with the pizza al taglio that had […]

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Forno Campo de Fiori Rome pizza bianca

To me, Campo de Fiori is a meeting spot.  It is a place to agree to find each other so that you can move on to somewhere else. It is not that I don’t like the market there, it simply is not my market.  Neighborhood markets are, by definition, in your own neighborhood.  I wouldn’t […]