Rome’s Pizzarium

best street food in Rome is pizza by the slice

When I moved to Rome, I would drag everyone out to Cipro and force them into a small shop with flaking paint to dine on pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice).

Pizzarium in Rome before renovation

Pizzarium has since gone under a renovation and expansion, but my rule remains unchanged: you can’t leave Rome without trying this pizza.

Gabriele Bonci at his pizza shop Pizzarium

This rule was put to the test recently when I insisted a friend visit with me before she moved back to the States.

We set out from Testaccio, planning to take the metro.

Unfortunately, the metro broke down at Termini.

So we walked to the bus… but at that point were so close to Villa Borghese that we decided to walk through the park.

At which point we caught a bus that took us not very convincingly closer.

And we walked some more.

Rome pizzarium

When we finally arrived at Pizzarium, nearly two hours later, the “line” (swarm) was out the door.

best pizza in Rome is at Pizzarium

We took a number and snuck around the corner to share a beer at a simple cafe.

No point in letting a wait ruin our rambling afternoon.

Pizza al taglio in Rome

In fact (of course), the wait was more than worth it.

We waded by distraught visitors, clutching Lonely Planet guides to their chests, and made our selection.

best pizza in Rome is pizza by the slice

From the top:

Lasagna pizza (yes, yes yes).

Polpo e patate (octopus with potatoes – how could we not?)

Porchetta (literally roasted pork stuffed inside potato pizza. We have brains, and tastebuds, so we ordered it).

artichoke and truffle pizza

At Pizzarium, you pay based on weight. You can select as many pieces, of whatever size, but know that you will pay.

That did not stop us from getting more – white truffle with leek and artichoke with ricotta, to be exact.

All amazing.

Are you listening to me?


Unlike any pizza you have had/will have.

best pizza in Rome pizzarium-11

If it didn’t take me 1 broke down metro, 1 out of the way bus, and several stretches of long walks, I would be there every day.

But normally, you can just take the A line to Cipro. The pizza place is just outside the metro stop. To the left as you exit.

Via della Meloria, 43,
00136 Roma

Open: 11 am to 10 pm.

P.S. If you want to see just how little I really knew about Rome/pizza 6 years ago, you can read my old post. Despite all the mistakes, I am still right that Pizzarium is the best pizza in Rome.

9 thoughts on “Rome’s Pizzarium

  1. Meagan says:

    Ok, this all sounds AMAZING. Once again, you’ve convinced me I have to try another spot. So glad we could have dinner with you guys last weekend–let’s do it again soon! 🙂

    • Natalie says:

      You must! The line can get a bit long, so go for an early lunch, or even in between major lunch/dinner hours. The flavors are incredibly good. It will be the most expensive pizza al taglio you have ever bought, and it will be worth every penny.

    • Natalie says:

      Yes, exactly. They start the strips pretty small because they assume that you would like to taste different flavors. They won’t cut until you say va bene 🙂

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