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Arco degli Acetari – The Hidden Vinegar Maker’s Arch in Rome

You are going to have to trust me, but… You really should walk through this slightly suspect arch: The arch in question is Arco degli Acetari – the vinegar maker’s arch. It appears to be perpetually under construction. But if you weave past the wheel barrows and bags of cement, you will quickly arrive at […]

Punto Gelato in Rome’s Centro Storico

I judged Punto Gelato on location alone. Primely stationed between Ponte Sisto and Campo de’ Fiori, I figured it was pretty much destined to be terrible. The corner where it sits probably has some of the heaviest foot traffic in all of Rome. Why should it even bother to try to be good? The name […]

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Forno Campo de Fiori Rome pizza bianca

To me, Campo de Fiori is a meeting spot.  It is a place to agree to find each other so that you can move on to somewhere else. It is not that I don’t like the market there, it simply is not my market.  Neighborhood markets are, by definition, in your own neighborhood.  I wouldn’t […]

Tiny Church by Campo de’ Fiori

This is a small church in Rome called Santa Barbara dei Librai. When I say “small” I mean “teeeeny tiiiiiiny,” so I like to call it “the tiny church by Campo de’ Fiori.” I love Santa Barbara dei Librai. It seems so out of place.  It’s in a triangular piazza off of Via dei Giubbonari. […]