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Gelateria dei Gracchi in Rome

Close up on gelato cup

I feel, more often than ever, like words are escaping me. I can sit and concentrate and claw around my foggy mental state, but I cannot easily summon the vocabulary that I had at my fingertips before the baby. I blame the cumulative effects of long-term sleep deprivation, but I love this kid and so […]

Grezzo: Vegan Gelato and Raw Chocolate in Monti, Rome

Let’s be honest: I hear “Monti,” then “gelato” and “chocolate” and my brain is like HELL YEAH. Then I hear “vegan,” and “raw,” and the music ringing in my ears comes to an abrupt close. What? Vegan gelato in Rome? Gelato is one of those things where I don’t like to mess around. But I was […]

Gelato University: A Masterclass in Gelato Making

“Oh. My. God.” I said, dumbfounded. “Gelato University is a REAL university?” But the proof was directly in front of me. The orderly rows of desks, piled with notes and calculators. Gelato University is very real, and just as spectacular as it sounds. Yes, there is a lecture hall but there is also (gloriously) a […]

Carapina Gelato in Rome

UPDATE APRIL 2017: Carapina in Rome has closed.     After you have gorged on pizza bianca at Antico Forno Roscioli, you can walk a few doors down for gelato at Carapina. Carapina started in Florence, but opened a Rome location in 2014. The focus is on seasonal flavors made with natural ingredients. In fact, Carapina […]

Gelateria Artigianale Corona near Rome’s Largo Argentina

Next to a tangle of tram lines, with a major bus stop just outside the door, an unassuming store front advertises gelato artigianale. Inside Gelateria Corona are two tidy rows of flavors based on seasonal ingredients. Corona was my first ever favorite gelato shop in Rome, luring me in with flavors like raspberry ginger, and […]