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Fior di Luna Gelato in Trastevere, Rome

Just before the draped ivy curtain that falls across Via della Lungaretta is Fior di Luna. The small gelato shop is a bit obscured by ivy itself. Inside the cool, dim gelateria are rows of freshly made gelato. At Fior di Luna, I tend to gravitate towards their rich chocolate flavors. But the bright fruit flavors, […]

Punto Gelato in Rome’s Centro Storico

I judged Punto Gelato on location alone. Primely stationed between Ponte Sisto and Campo de’ Fiori, I figured it was pretty much destined to be terrible. The corner where it sits probably has some of the heaviest foot traffic in all of Rome. Why should it even bother to try to be good? The name […]

Come Il Latte Gelato

It is pretty hard for me to imagine milk as an exciting ingredient. My mother used to have to buy strawberry Nesquick to convince me to imbibe the bone-fortifying beverage as a child. (Yes, I know. Obviously I had a fine palate from a young age). But while I can kind of take or leave […]

Gelato in Trastevere: Fatamorgana

This time of year, everything starts to seem over the top which is why it is critical to remember that sometimes things that are small are also things that are very important. Gelato, for example, is a small important thing. I prefer cones to cups, and smalls to bigs, when it comes to gelato.  I […]

Chocolate Covered Gelato at Frigidarium

chocolate ice cream cone

Fall is in the air, with winter just behind it. This new and welcome layer of crispness has sent me dreaming of seasonal delights. One thing that is always in season? Chocolate covered gelato. Have I mentioned the Irishman? Well, whenever he fancies a pint, I try to persuade him to head to the pub that is […]

Fatamorgana: Gelato in Monti

I’ve heard a lot about Gelateria Fatamorgana, but it’s in Prati.  Which may be the other side of Rome, but sometimes on lazy Saturdays, it feels like the other side of the world. But there is now a location in Monti and that is decidedly on my side of Rome. After a warm thunderstorm on […]