Fiocco Di Neve in Rome: March is Crazy

March was a bit hectic.

At one point, towards the end of the month, I found myself on three continents in 24 hours. This was thanks to a rather out-of-the-way (and painful) 10 hour overnight layover in Dubai.

But I did it. I overcommitted myself, per usual. But I did it.

As they say around here: marzo è pazzo.  March is crazy.

I’ll use is to justify my wanderings, but what it means is: marzo pazzarello guarda il sole e prendi l’ombrello. March is crazy- watch the sun and take an umbrella.

I’m happy that on the first day of April, the temperature is noticeably warmer.  In March, the weather couldn’t make up its mind.

March is a beautiful time to be in Rome- the air has a hint of spring, but most nights still make you shiver.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset(It rained 15 minutes later. I wish I was kidding).

Even if the skies are blue and the thermometer edging up, it will rain. The sun will disappear and you will be caught unaware. It. Will. Rain.

Hot and sunny one minute. Chilly and pouring the next.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Perfect weather for an affogato.

An affogato is hot and cold. Bitter and sweet. Gelato “drowned” in espresso,  managing to find a balance.

meta affogato

That’s what we did. We found a balance: strolling and shopping in the sun; and hunkering down for some serious comfort food during the showers.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

When you need a pick-me-up and don’t feel like waiting at Sant’Eustachio, head around to the other side of the Pantheon to Fiocco di Neve (“snowflake”) for an affogato allo zabaione.


Gelateria Fiocco di Neve
Via del Pantheon 51
00186 Roma
06 6786025

UPDATE DECEMBER 2017: Fiocco di Neve is sadly closed and (maybe) transitioning to new ownership.

14 thoughts on “Fiocco Di Neve in Rome: March is Crazy

  1. Lucy says:

    Affogato allo zabaione? Urm, hello! I love your comparison of the balance of the flavours and the balance of shopping/exploring 🙂 very nice. I just want to go back to Rome though now I’ve seen this. Have spent the day deciding where to go for the long weekend at the end of April and was thinking of trying something new in Emilia but now… it might have to be Rome again! xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Love in Italy

    • Natalie says:

      Lucy- you’re too sweet. Your own blog has really been developing– complementi! Rome is always a great get away but keep in mind that it will be packed with pilgrims for Easter and at the end of the month when Pope John Paul II is made a saint! (But then again, affogato really helps take the edge of a day spent in tourist crowds).

  2. Tina Smith says:

    Love your blog and photos!! I have not had an affogato in Rome when I visited but will plan on it our next trip!

    • Natalie says:

      Love the location and the treat! But it’s dangerously close to a sunglass shop that I usually can’t resist…

  3. Martha Curtis-Garry says:

    My late husband was a true Romano, born in Brooklyn but brought back to Rome at 6 months old where he lived until he returned to the US as age 20. My first trip to Rome was in Nov. 1976 as part of our honeymoon. Needless to say I have returned many times over the years and am now here for an extended stay doing a gut renovation to our 2,000 sq.’ apartment. I arrived in Feb. and will be here until Nov. HOW is it possible that I have never heard of or tasted an “Affogato alla Zabaione”????? My mouth was watering as I viewed your photos and read your descriptions! I wanted to jump out of bed and RUN down to the Pantheon!! Absolutely a necessity tomorrow after I drop friends off at Termini!! My current passion is the gelato flavor, “Viscole” (a succulent bitter cherry) that so far I have only been able to find at Giolitti, just a dogleg from the Pantheon. You blog is delightful. I am so grateful for stumbling onto it!! I will be spending about 6 months out of the year in our beautiful Roma and will be following your blog for some more wonderful things to discover………. REALLY???? Carbonara Supli???

    Perhaps we will bump into one another at one of your precious little treasure spots or perhaps at one of the wine pairing dinners. I must attend….. we were in the liquor business in Conn. with 2 liquor stores for 12 years before moving to the Orlando area where we had a series of 3 Italian restaurants (where I did all of our dolce) over a period of 20 years. I cannot help but believe, that for the first time, my darling late husband is going to be jealously watching as I discover these new spots in “His” city!! : )) Many thanks to you!

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Martha! It sounds like I am the one that needs to go out and try viscole! It sounds like you have quite the adventure ahead of you with the renovations, so I wish you the best of luck with that! Thank you so much for sharing your story of Rome, I am sure your husband would be thrilled with all of the new discoveries.

      I am off to Termini myself, so perhaps see you there 😉 I hope you enjoy the affogato!

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  7. Sophia says:

    Wow. The affogato looks heavenly. Is it popular and available all year round? And what flavor of gelato is it used for the drink? I wish I could go back to Roma to try it now! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Sophia! It’s an affogato allo zabaione – and zabaione is a cream flavor. It’s delicious and I hope you come back soon to try it!

      • Natalie says:

        Oh! And it is available all year 🙂 I like in the afternoon when I need a coffee but am craving something sweet as well.

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