Chocolate Covered Gelato at Frigidarium

chocolate ice cream cone

Fall is in the air, with winter just behind it.

This new and welcome layer of crispness has sent me dreaming of seasonal delights.

One thing that is always in season? Chocolate covered gelato.

Frigidarium rome

Have I mentioned the Irishman?

Well, whenever he fancies a pint, I try to persuade him to head to the pub that is directly across from chocolate covered gelato. I leave him to his Guinness and I can then skip a few feet away for the good stuff:

Frigidarium gelato

Frigidarium uses all natural ingredients to produce their cream and fruit based frozen treats every day.


But the real kicker? After your cone or cup is all packed, you can then have it smothered in white or dark chocolate. The chocolate quickly hardens to create an amazing candy shell.

Rome gelato covered in chocolate

Amazing. Chocolate. Candy. Shell. ON GELATO.

Please tell me you are taking notes.

Chocolate shell gelato in Rome

This is a sitting man’s gelato.

Trust me.

I have tried to walk while eating this one, and it did not end well.  Chocolate candy shells are delicious but dangerous when it comes to dripping. Take your time and enjoy.

A small (two scoops) is €2.

Via del Governo Vecchio, 112,
00186 Rome

(Close to Piazza Navona)

6 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Gelato at Frigidarium

  1. Lucy @ La Lingua says:

    I miss winter in Italy, when you can still find gelaterie open late into the night! Such a magical place. This reminds me a little of the melted-chocolate-filled cones of Cioccolati Italiani in Milan, those are MOST DEFINITELY a gelato to be enjoyed sat down (and with plenty of napkins!) xxx

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