Grezzo: Vegan Gelato and Raw Chocolate in Monti, Rome

Let’s be honest: I hear “Monti,” then “gelato” and “chocolate” and my brain is like HELL YEAH.

Then I hear “vegan,” and “raw,” and the music ringing in my ears comes to an abrupt close. What? Vegan gelato in Rome?

Gelato is one of those things where I don’t like to mess around.

But I was willing to risk Grezzo – Monti’s buzzing raw chocolate shop.

The shop is completely animal-product-free, which will please any vegetarians and vegans who are tired of Rome’s offal heavy menu offerings.

The chocolates gleam like perfect orbs behind glass.

But I have a thing for gelato.

Grezzo’s offerings skew towards cocoa, but there are also seasonal fruits to pair with a range of chocolate flavors.

I opted for coffee (my second love) plus the signature raw chocolate.

The gelato is deeply flavored and well done.

Kind of like the rest of the Grezzo shop – which is simple and chic.

Located on Via Urbana, Grezzo is on a picturesque street in Monti filled with cafes and motorini traffic.

I mean, for vegan gelato it is good.

For other gelato options, including non-vegan gelaterie in the same hood you can check out this list of the best gelato in Rome.

Via Urbana, 130
Rome, Italy (Monti)

Open: 11 am – 11 pm everyday.

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