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Grezzo: Vegan Gelato and Raw Chocolate in Monti, Rome

Let’s be honest: I hear “Monti,” then “gelato” and “chocolate” and my brain is like HELL YEAH. Then I hear “vegan,” and “raw,” and the music ringing in my ears comes to an abrupt close. What? Vegan gelato in Rome? Gelato is one of those things where I don’t like to mess around. But I was […]

Come Il Latte Gelato

It is pretty hard for me to imagine milk as an exciting ingredient. My mother used to have to buy strawberry Nesquick to convince me to imbibe the bone-fortifying beverage as a child. (Yes, I know. Obviously I had a fine palate from a young age). But while I can kind of take or leave […]

Pocket Coffee: New Italian Candy Obsession

Very early on, I sort of wrote Italian candy off.  There was just a lot of licorice and gummy things and I was more interested in all the savory food goodies that the country had to offer. That was before I found out about Pocket Coffee. Pocket Coffee is a piece of chocolate, filled with […]