Come Il Latte Gelato

It is pretty hard for me to imagine milk as an exciting ingredient.

My mother used to have to buy strawberry Nesquick to convince me to imbibe the bone-fortifying beverage as a child. (Yes, I know. Obviously I had a fine palate from a young age).

come il latte roma

But while I can kind of take or leave the milk, I love cream.

That’s because cream is an essential component of gelato.

And Gelateria Come il Latte (“like milk”) dishes out some of the creamiest treats in all of Rome.

Come il latte gelato

The big selling point, though?


Come Il Latte Chocolate Fountain

If you should so desire, you can even choose a non-dairy based flavor. However, given the name of this place, and the fact that you are definitely going to want to make good use of the chocolate on tap, I recommend a selection of le creme.

Salted Caramel. Caffè. Pistacchio.

All amazing.

gelato by termini

Gelato. It does a body good.

Come il Latte
Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26,
00187 Roma, Italy

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