Pocket Coffee: New Italian Candy Obsession

Very early on, I sort of wrote Italian candy off.  There was just a lot of licorice and gummy things and I was more interested in all the savory food goodies that the country had to offer.

That was before I found out about Pocket Coffee.

Pocket Coffee is a piece of chocolate, filled with espresso and sugar.

Chocolate filled with coffee! Are you getting all this??




I hear a rumor that these things are only available in winter. Supposedly, warm weather + melted chocolate + liquid center, is just not a good combination.

If you’re in need of a simultaneous caffeine buzz and sugar high, you have to try these.

The really dangerous thing? They sell them in a 36-pack at the supermercato. 36!

… I can’t be allowed to keep these in my home.

16 thoughts on “Pocket Coffee: New Italian Candy Obsession

  1. Nerys says:

    Pocket Coffees. Are. Amazing. I don’t know how I managed to survive without them!!

    There’s also a similar thing, it’s like a little packet of the coffee that’s inside the chocolate, the same size as a pocket coffee, but instead of the chocolate there’s plastic, so you just have a straw to drink the coffee… Can’t remember what they’re called though. Does that make sense at all?? I tried one of those for the first time in August, very nice too!

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  3. Kasia says:

    Yum! I love them! We always had them in the house when we lived in Genoa. They also sell them in each “auto-grill” on the Italian highway, no wonder why!

  4. Ruby says:

    Pocket coffee! This could be a lifesaver especially during sleepy office hour right after lunch. Its like instant espresso in a bite!

    Sad that they don’t have them in Indonesia.

    Anyways, interesting blog. Terus menulis! (That’s ‘keepwriting’ in Indonesian) =D

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  6. DMae says:

    I always went to Rome in the summer (I’m a teacher and it fit my schedule) and I never knew about these. Then, my adult son and I went over our spring break in March. He discovered Pocket Coffee at some corner store or another. He became an instant fan. Now I purchase them for him, for Christmas, every year. I get the biggest bag/box I can find on the internet!

    • Natalie says:

      Next time you are here in summer you can try the pocket espresso 🙂 it is the summer version that can be eaten with a straw!

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