Decaf Pocket Coffee

As a whole, I think that Italian candy is pretty terrible.

There are no good fruity candies. No skittles or starburst or equivalent.

And there are very few chocolate choices that do not include hazelnuts (which I despise).

Italian pocket coffee

However, then there is Pocket Coffee.

I love Pocket Coffee.

That day I found a Pocket Coffee vending machine? It was a good day.

decaf pocket coffee candy

Just to recap: Coffee Pocket is a chocolate made by Ferrero that includes a shot of espresso in the center of the candy.  It’s only available during the colder months, because otherwise it would melt and there would literally be coffee in everyone’s pockets.

Real coffee!

But this year? They came up with decaffeinated Pocket Coffee.

pocket coffee italian candy

Naturally, I bought it. (Mainly because it was an excuse to also buy regular Pocket Coffee for a taste test.)

candy filled with coffee

All looks pretty standard here, decaf.

Then you gotta be reeeeeeeal careful when you bite it, so you don’t dribble coffee (decaf or otherwise) all over yourself.

The Decaf Pocket Coffee is… different. It taste sweeter, without the bitterness of the coffee coming through as much. I can only assume that this is because decaf lovers are not diehard coffee lovers and prefer the sweet flavoring.

candy with coffee center

And yes, I really was drinking real coffee in between Pocket Coffees. How else would one cleanse their candy palate?


P.S. This is totally not an ad. I just really really like Pocket Coffee (and decaf Pocket Coffee as a distant second).

18 thoughts on “Decaf Pocket Coffee

    • Natalie says:

      Fact: green apple skittles are indeed disgusting and should be turned back to lime immediately.

      For the rest, we have to agree to disagree about Skittles as a whole 😉

      • Jennifer says:

        I am also in love with Pocket Coffee! I brought some back with me after my recent trip to Italy and cannot seem to find it online anywhere for sale. (Shocking as it’s so good, I can’t possibly be alone here!)
        Any tips on where I might find some?

  1. bonnie melielo says:

    Really do not see the point of Decaf Pocket Coffee. The original was simply brilliant and I was so sad to be in Italy in September and not a one to be found. Thankfully I can get them on Amazon!

  2. Nina says:

    I am actually eating one right now, the standard one. I loooove Pocket Coffee. But I agree, Italy is terrible when it comes to snacks. The options are limited. I mean, at least give me some pretzels. No?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi! You can get it at most grocery stores in Rome from about October – April. It is not sold during the summer because the chocolate melts.

  3. Peggy Barton says:

    I love both decaf and regular pocket coffee. Caffeine effects my sleep so regular pocket coffee before 4 in the afternoon and decaf after, After 9/11/2001 you couldn’t get them in the states but all of a sudden they started appearing online for sale. Can’t wait to get back to Rome 21 more days to go..

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