Binario 4: Vintage Furniture in Rome

Silvana is basically my new hero.

buy furniture rome

Because she has created this amazing workshop filled with the reclaimed vintage furniture of my dreams.

vintage roma

She used to have a stall at the Porta Portese flea market. Then, she disappeared.

When I spotted her Binario 4 stand at the Roma Outdoor festival, my resolve hardened.

I was determined to visit her shop in Monteverde.

binario4 frames

When I walked through the doors the next weekend, I had to try to play it cool, because my brain instantly started screaming “LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY THIIIIIINGS!!”


Moving to Italy is not easy. You cannot simply rent a U-haul and bring your couch with you.

Rome’s Ikea is always an option (and I have certainly been there), but finding one-of-a-kind home furnishings can feel like mission impossible unless your budget is truly unlimited.

vintage lamps rome

However, Silvana and her daughter have accumulated an incredible treasure trove of vintage furnishings and home decor items in their Binary 4 shop.

I was lusting over all the Scandinavian ceramics, but I had my eye on more substantial pieces.

vintage Italian furniture

Like that vintage chest of drawers.


While I wandered through the massive space, admiring the larger furniture, we chatted about the details.

binario4 rome furniture

Binario 4 has a mix of sleek mid-century modern pieces from Denmark, as well as Italian classics that have been refurbished with a shabby-chic mish-mash of colors and designs.

Rome vintage furniture

I found two pieces that I had to take home. To make mine.

When I explained that I didn’t have a car (I had arrived using Tram 8), Silvana arranged to drop the furniture off at my house in Testaccio.

binario4 roma monteverde

All that was left to do was convince Jimmy to carry it up the stairs.

If you are looking for interesting furniture, you have to make the trek out to Binario 4. The items are constantly changing so there is always something new to admire (and to pack up back home).

Binario 4
Via di Monte Verde 53F (you have to walk through the gate and you will then see the entrance to the left)
Tram 8 stop: Largo Ravizza

cell. +39 339 6234077



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