Element Salon: English-Speaking Hairdressers in Rome

The first time I got my haircut in Rome, I went armed with elementary Italian.

I had been scoping out the salon for weeks, slowly passing by and peering inside to make sure the clients were coming out with decent cuts.

Then, as I sat in the chair myself, I told the nice woman cutting my hair that I wanted my bangs done “to the side.”

She paused, and seemed to think about this request. Then I watched in horror as she literally cut a diagonal line from my right temple to my left.

From there on out, I realized that I needed an English-speaking hairdresser in Rome.


Enter: Element Salon.

The owner, Jill, is American and used to have a salon of the same name in New Orleans.

The Rome salon sits just off the always gorgeous Via Giulia and down the street from iconic Bar Peru.

english hair salon rome

Inside the cozy salon is bright and modern, with exposed brick walls that date back to the Renaissance period.


And I am obsessed with the vintage surgeon tables that Jill found in Milan.

During the Renaissance barbers were also surgeons, so the cheeky design throwback fits perfectly.


But seriously, Jill knows what is up and that is exactly what you want in a hairdresser in Rome or elsewhere.

She is not just a stylist – she is the only person I would go to for highlights.

Jill knows blonde. Jill does an amazing blonde.

(Well, she and her staff do amazing everything, but I am here to talk about the blonde).

I tried not being blonde once and it simply didn’t suit me.  But I have also had Rome hairstylist tell me that I was wrong about what kind of blonde I should be. “You are honey, not ash.”

In fact, I was at a party to celebrate the launch of Livia’s The Hunt Guide Rome, and I was talking to another blonde and where I asked where she got her hair done, she said it was Jill at Element Salon. OF COURSE IT WAS.

With Jill, I trust her. I leave it up to her. Whether I need a cut or a color, I come out with fabulous hair.

The fact that the whole staff speaks English? Just a bonus if you want a comfortable experience to chitchat while you have your hair cut off one of Rome’s most exclusive streets.

I send everyone I meet to Element Salon, and so now I am sending you.

Tell Jill, Nella and Chris that I say hello!

To book call the salon at +39 06 68891878
Or try Jill’s cell at +39 331 3839142

Element Salon
American Hair Salon in Rome.
Via San Girolamo della Carità 67 (via Giulia)
+39 06 68891878

10 thoughts on “Element Salon: English-Speaking Hairdressers in Rome

  1. Alyssa says:

    Ohhh my goodness, THANK YOU for this post!! Last year, I had a very similar nightmare experience at a salon in Rome. When you walk in and they look at you with horror because you’re a blonde, you know it’s not going to be good. Now that I live here again, I’ll definitely be booking an appointment! (: Great blog!

  2. Alexandra says:

    (So excited to have discovered your blog that I’m reading start to finish, and now here come all the questions!) Can you give me a ballpark on how much you spend on a cut and color?

    • Natalie says:

      I would suggest calling Jill for the price list, but I pay the same as I did in California – even considering the exchange rate 🙂

  3. Nina says:

    Yes! Thanks for this post! I am a natural dark blonde. Before coming here I had three kind of blonde highlights and I loved my hair, but now I’m back to my natural color. Hmm… any guesses why? 😉 Back home I had a lovely hair colorist Tanya who was amazing at doing a great blonde. Here they either make it yellow or green…

  4. Greg Speck says:

    We have been in Italy for three weeks and arrived in Desenzano del Garda two days ago. My wife was very leary of having cut and color here, but during a walk I found. A stylist who could speak English. Va tutto bene. We have 1en more days on the lake then we will be in Roma for 18 days. I have saved your post to my Pocket. APP so we know where to go. Will be staying close to Campo di Fiore and saw another of your posts that told me to the Roman stylist that speaks English.

  5. Ali Wahl says:

    Hi Natalie! Logistical question here- Is there a way I can contact to make an appointment from outside of Italy (calling internationally)? Currently living in Ghana, visiting in June, & NEED to mend this mane. Any suggestions for booking now?

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