Best Italian News Sites in English

When you don’t speak the local language or even if you are simply new to a place, it can be hard to know where to turn for the news. Luckily, it is absolutely possible to find reliable English language news about Italy to follow while you are here, or as a way to keep in touch with the country when you can’t be there in person. 

From official newswire services to reliable reports, these are the best places to turn for Italy news in English:

English Language News About Italy

Note: There are lots of other blogs that include verifiable information of a certain level, but for this list of Italian news sources, I am only including news sources that use journalistic standards of reporting. 


ANSA is like the Reuters of Italy – the national news wire service. They have very short, factual articles in English on everything from finances to crime and occasional lifestyle pieces. FYI: Reuters also have an Italy section, though how often it is updated depends on major headlines. Both sources stick to the basics but are completely free, reliable, and constantly up-to-date.

The Local Italy

The Local was founded a few years after I moved to Rome, but it has now grown into a reliable reporting outfit. They are one of the best places to turn for on-the-ground stories that are regularly updated, as well as some practical information in English to guide you through typical bureaucratic challenges. If you are looking for a free news source, however, the Local might night meet your needs because they place many of their articles behind a paywall so that they are only accessible to subscribers. To note: during the current health crisis, they are making most of their articles available to everyone – not just subscribers.

The Guardian – Italy

The Guardian is a UK-based publication, however, they have a great standard of reporting and regularly update their Italy section with major headlines or original pieces in English about current social trends. There tend to be 3-5 news stories per day depending on how international Italy’s headlines are at the moment. 

Health News

If you are specifically interested in the latest updates on the current health crisis in Italy, the best sources are the official ones – which happen to be in Italian. The official source of information is the Ministry of Health or Protezione Civile. Data on new infections, recoveries, and deaths are released at 6 pm CET every day. These are available by the country, or by region here.

For regular English language updates, there is also Italy Coronavirus, which translates information from official sources. 

Local News

Wanted in Rome and The Florentine also publish local news for their cities.

Italy news stand

Respected Italian News Sites

If you are willing to use google translate to get a sense of the daily headlines and breaking news (or if you want to practice your Italian reading skills) major Italian news outlets in Italy include:

Many of the above sites have microsites for specific cities or regions around Italy. Corriere has a rarely updated English-language section, and La Repubblica translates its D Lifestyle weekly features into English.

Want to stay in touch with Italy even when you can’t travel here in person? These are the best Italy podcasts to listen to, as well as the museums you can visit virtually


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12 thoughts on “Best Italian News Sites in English

  1. Diotima Eidos says:

    Thanks for this! I don’t suppose you can give links more directly to regional data at the Italian government health sites? My Italian is not great and I’m not finding them.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi! I added a link to the subpage now, but the exact link is a daily PDF so this changes each day. You want to look for the report titled: Ripartizione per province al —- where “—-” is the date.

  2. Rita Pearson says:

    Hi Natalie! I live in the US (Virginia) and I love your helpful posts! I had to postpone my 17 day trip to Italy in April, so sad. I am still planning my trip and am trying to find walking maps for several cities You know, cheap tourist maps. Where can I find them? What types of places sell them? I see a newsstand in your posted photo. Looks like they possibly are selling these. Can you help? Thanks!


  3. Carrie Bellissimo says:

    Thank you Natalie for providing this information! I have already used the links to get valuable information. We live in the U.S., but our son, his wife and our 11 month granddaughter live in Rome and while they are fluent in the language , I am not so it is good to have access to Italian news outlets that are in English. Hang in there! Grazie Mille!

  4. Stevie Jones says:

    Hi, Natalie! I like your blog. It is not condescending to Americans as is the Rome blog of American ex-pat John Henderson. He sets himself up to be superior to Americans who haven’t expatriated. Your non-judgmental approach and useful information have won me over. Keèp up the good work.

  5. Sja says:

    Hi, I am from outside Italy and I want to inform the newspapers and news agencies about a big scam on Instagram through an Italian person who has introduced himself as an official agent. Unfortunately, he is still active and how many thousands of people are cheating. Help and introduce someone so that I can send the documents to them
    Please help and reply to my email

    • Natalie says:

      Everything changes so often, but Italy is not in a good place right now with the level of infection or the vaccine roll out so I am not optimistic.

  6. Rita Marcoli says:

    I find it sad that Americans waiting for there residents papers CAN’T get a vaccine because they don’t have a health card !! We work , buy apartments, pay taxes and can’t get a appointment for a shot !! It is BULLSHIT !!

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