Roma Outdoor Festival 2016

By all accounts, Rome’s Outdoor festival was better last year.

rome-outdoor-festival 2016

I, however, only trekked out to the Ex-Caserma this year, so I cannot compare it to the 2015 Edition. The 2016 exhibits certainly piqued my interest though.


The ex-Caserma on Via Giudo Reni are old army barracks constructed around 1915 and then abandoned when European wars fell out of fashion.

rome-outdoor-festival Art

Directly across from the MAXXI, the space has been reclaimed for the month of October.

rome-outdoor-festival-installation art

Installation artists have occupied massive rooms and outdoors spaces to create temporary exhibits.


In addition to the art, there are workshops and activities for kids.

modern art Rome

We wandered through the main exhibition space before heading to the vintage market that was taking place on Sunday inside.


By night, DJs and bars take over the main spaces.

contemporary art Rome

I thought the trip out there and the €5 entrance was worth it.

You have one last weekend before the Outdoor Festival closes if you are interested in seeing a slice of Italy’s contemporary art scene.  The mostra will open Friday the 28th until Monday the 31st of October.

The event on 29 October is a Spirits Festival which sounds pret-ty good to me.


A full program of the 2016 Outdoor Festival is here.



2 thoughts on “Roma Outdoor Festival 2016

    • Natalie says:

      It really was good! A balance of family stuff, interesting art, and tempting adult treats. Should be interesting to see what they do for Halloween!

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