Infiorata: The Flower Festival of Genzano di Roma

Every year in June, Genzano turns to flowers.

Genzano di Roma infiorataGenzano di Roma is a town in the Castelli Romani- the hills outside of Rome.  The infiorata that the town puts on display always follows the weekend after Corpus Christi. In 2019, the infiorata di Genzano will take place from 22-24 June. 

flower designs Genzano

The intricate designs take up a major thoroughfare, and always follow a theme. My photos are from 2015, when the designs focused on environmental themes, such as biodiversity and protecting the earth for future generations.

In 2019, the theme is “la via della bellezza” and will examine the many, varied things that make life so beautiful, including art and nature.

Flowers genzano

Genzano is an easy day trip (by car) from Rome. So easy, in fact, that it really makes sense to add a side trip to Nemi, which is just across the lake.

With a major street converted into a carpet of vibrant flowers, expect crowds and escape the heat with plenty of gelato.

genzano flower festival


For more information (in Italian), visit the Comune di Genzano di Roma’s website.



2 thoughts on “Infiorata: The Flower Festival of Genzano di Roma

  1. Jordan says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The photos you’ve taken don’t seem too crowded, are there other times that are more hectic? Whatever the case, still a gorgeous addition to a trip to Rome!

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