The Florence Flower Market

flower market in Florence Italy

Florence is a little gem of a city. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, some of the greatest architects and artists in history have lived and worked in this gorgeous Tuscan city.

Duomo in Florence on blue skies
Chief among its treasures in Brunelleschi’s Dome, which dominates the skyline. Of course, there is also David by Michelangelo and the treasure-filled Uffizi waiting to be discovered.

woman stands in flower market in Florence
However, some of Florence’s true charms are in the everyday beauty that comes along with life in the shadow of the Renaissance. My favorite example of this is the Thursday flower market in Piazza della Repubblica.

flowers in pots in florence
Already gorgeous on any day of the week, Piazza della Repubblica is really unmissable when the flower market fills the covered arcade with fresh blooms and potted plants. It is not that the market is over-the-top or remarkable, but it is more that such simple pleasures like flowers can be so extraordinary in a setting like this.

two women talk in a flower market

Wander through the small market while the antique merry-go-round in the center of the square spins cheerfully and adds even more color to the scene. 

It is an excellent spot for people watching, even if you don’t have the space to take plants home in your luggage. The Florence flower market is full of Florentines picking out bouquets and stocking up on greenery. It always makes me imagine what it might be like to really live in this fairytale city and have a corner balcony to call my own.

potted plants in florence

Well, a girl can dream. Until then – the Thursday flower market will have to do.

Mercato di Fiori e Piante

Piazza della Repubblica
Florence, Italy

Thursday 10 am – 7 pm from September to June

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