Florence’s Ferragamo Museum

When you are only going to the Florence for the day, you pray it doesn’t rain.

When you do inevitably get caught in rain, it is time to come up with a quick Plan B.

Sara and I found ourselves in just such a situation and decided that it was a fine excuse to pop in to Ferragamo.

Ferragamo Museum Florence

While I would love to do some Ferragamo shopping, I need a few more blogging jobs to make that a reality.

I was content with the visit to the Ferragamo Museum.

Ferragamo Museum Shoes

As soon as we stepped into the exhibit, I had a major “OMG SHOES” moment.

Ferragamo Museum Rhino shoes

Not only are there shoes on display from Salvatore Ferragamo’s earliest work from the 1920s and on…

Custom made Ferragamo shoes

There are also forms from the most famous celebrities of the 20th century.

I think that is the best sign you have arrived in life: custom made shoes.

I am working on it myself. (And by that I mean I made exactly one pair of sandals one time).

Ferragamo Museum across fashion and art

Beyond what I will call the ‘shoe room’ is an exhibit entitled Across Fashion and Art.

The well curated show juxtaposes designs against famous art, finding a clear thread of shared inspiration.

Ferragamo Fashion and Art Exhibit

There are some uncanny parallels.

Ferragamo Museum Art

But there is also fashion for fashion’s sake.

Ferragamo Museum Florence-6

The jaw-dropping designs are impossible to wear, but a feast for the eyes nonetheless.

Ferragamo Museum Florence-5

The Across Art and Fashion show runs through April 7th 2017.

Meagan took some lovely photos on her recent visit if you need more inspiration to go!

Museo Ferragamo
Piazza di Santa Trinita, 5/R,
50123 Firenze, Italy

Open daily: 10 am – 7:30 pm
Tickets cost €6


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