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Florence’s Ferragamo Museum

When you are only going to the Florence for the day, you pray it doesn’t rain. When you do inevitably get caught in rain, it is time to come up with a quick Plan B. Sara and I found ourselves in just such a situation and decided that it was a fine excuse to pop in […]

Dolce & Gabbana Take Over Naples

While refined Fendi was presenting their latest collection at an insane show at the Trevi Fountain, Dolce and Gabbana were doing the same in Naples. I love Napoli. I am currently trying to convince Jimmy that we need to at least drop in for a day trip to Naples in the next few weeks. But Naples and […]

Fendi Fashion Show at Rome’s Trevi Fountain

You guys, I am kind of losing it over Fendi’s fashion show that was held in Rome this week. The models literally appeared to walk on water when a clear catwalk was set up inside the Trevi Fountain. If you remember, Fendi paid for the restoration of the Trevi, so it seems pretty fair that […]

Italian Wedding Shoes

Italians have a thing with sequins. Maybe you will find the streets of Milan dotted with more refined style, but in Rome the motto is “the more the better.” Or even, “you know what these sweatpants are missing? Diamonds.” Rome is over the top, which I love when it comes to architecture and chandelier-filled churches. […]