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Caffè Corretto in Italy

There are hundreds of ways to order a coffee in Italy. First you have to decide if it is normale, or with milk and if so, how much milk. Then is that with foam or without? Should it be scalding hot? Do you want this in a ceramic cup or glass? Any cocoa? And the […]

Fette Biscottate: Italy’s Terrible Cracker Cookie

In a country like Italy, a place completely dead set against many incarnations of pre-made food, there remain notable exceptions. Allow me to present you with frozen pizza topped with french fries and hotdogs and fette biscottate.  I’ve written about 6 things I’ve learned after 6 years in Italy, but after 6.5 years in Italy […]

How to Make A Wine Cork Wreath

I have been in Rome for 6 years. One of the first Italian words I ever learned was “corkscrew.” I recently rounded up the best wine bars in Rome. All of this to set the stage so that you understand: I. Drink. Wine. And for the last 6 years, I have also saved all of […]

Italian Wedding Shoes

Italians have a thing with sequins. Maybe you will find the streets of Milan dotted with more refined style, but in Rome the motto is “the more the better.” Or even, “you know what these sweatpants are missing? Diamonds.” Rome is over the top, which I love when it comes to architecture and chandelier-filled churches. […]

Watching the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea, Italy

On the train back to Rome, we were covered in orange juice. It had soaked our jeans and it was in our shoes. We were still processing what exactly had just happened. We survived our first Carnevale d’Ivrea. The plan came into being rather quickly and it started with a link. Five crazy Italian festivals […]