Italian Summer Boots

It’s almost time.  It’s almost time for il cambio di stagione.  Literally “the changing of the seasons,” but any lady worth her salt know that this is about two things: clothes and shoes.

You have to pick a day for your cambio, and then switch out all your winter clothes for the lighter spring/summer gear. With the weather finally changing, I should be seeing my first pair of summer boots any day now.

Allow me to explain. “Summer boots” are boots you wear when it is too hot to wear boots. Why would you want to wear boots when it’s too hot for boots? I. Don’t. Know.

Summer boots, however, are special. No need to worry about the heat! There are hundreds of holes in the perforated leather to allow a summer breeze through.

I must say, I particularly enjoy the crochet insert on these.

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6 thoughts on “Italian Summer Boots

  1. D says:

    Come on now, no self-respecting Italian would wear open toes or go senza socks before late May/June. lol. Although I like the summer (I say spring) boots. A nice transition, along with ballet flats (and my crazy American ‘bare feet’) until sandal time. Only I can never really tell the difference in quality, as anything from 40 euro Peluso spring boots to 300 euro versions all look exactly the same to me!

  2. MCGates says:

    Those are the hottest boots I have ever seen! Traveling to Rome next week after a cruise and have to have a pair!! Where can I find them????
    Any other shopping tips much appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance from the West Coast of Canada!!

    • L'americana says:

      Hi Mary! These boots are everywhere right now. You should be able to find some shopping along Via Del Corso. Enjoy your cruise!

  3. michsela says:

    ‘re those wonderful boots no trips planned this year to Italy. Any idea where I can get a pair online or in uk
    Thank uou

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