Pizza with French Fries

Good news! All your dreams have come true at once!

From the brand that brought you frozen supplì: pizza with french fries and hot dogs (wurtsel e patatine)!

This is not a new idea, though it is a terrible one.  You can find pizza with french fries around Rome.  I think I’ve seen someone eating it a grand total of 1 time in 3 years.


Anyways, I am, per usual, behind on posts.  My dear sissy was in town and we’ve been traveling a bit.  But also, there’s the issue of Francis Bacon the cat.

Bacon (or Bakan or Pakon, depending on what day you catch my vet on), is obsessed with our obsession with technology.  He cannot stand when we use computers.  That means that if I try to sit down and write, I tend to see this: (notice the paw raised to swat)

Or this:

And forget about the iPad.  That is used for Cat Fishing:

Happy Caturday!

7 thoughts on “Pizza with French Fries

  1. Rick says:

    What’s more, this abomination is generally found at the infamous “Pizza/Kebab” type of places, giving you all the information that you need to avoid this mistake! I’ve also witness pizza that had french fries AND hot dogs on it, as if one weren’t enough! Schifo!

  2. Neekoh says:

    LOL, the Bacon photos (esp the last one) seriously made my day. Thank you!

    And doesn’t the French-fries-covered pizza remind you of another French-fries-laden non-American food? Perhaps… the California burrito? Maybe this is just the Italian version of that trend 😛

    As always, miss you much!

  3. Kilio says:

    il tuo gatto è bellissimo! complimenti. For your info, mine behaves the same way when I’m sitting in front of the cpu. Your definition is the best one, it seems they are obsessed with our obsession with technology!!!

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