Pizza in Naples: Da Michele

Recently, we had a craving for pizza.  There are no shortages of great pizzerias in Rome, but we decided that the only thing that would do was a trip Naples.

A 9 Euro train ticket and a 2 hour ride later, we were standing in front of Da Michele.

Da Michele is not a highly guarded foodie secret. It’s amazing and everyone knows it, so you might have to wait in line.

When it’s your turn, tell them how many people you have and you’ll be ushered towards enough space at a long communal table.

When it’s time to order, you shouldn’t have too much trouble deciding. There are only two items on the menu at Da Michele.

Pizza Margherita and Pizza Marinara. Period.

Naples literally invented Pizza Margherita, but I have to say that I love the Pizza Marinara at Da Michele.

Of course, we ordered both kinds:

Pick up your knife and fork and prepare to ruin yourself for life.  Da Michele lives up to the hype- this is the best pizza I have ever had.

The dough is perfectly cooked, gooey and charred at the same time.  The mastery is in the execution- the combination of just a few ingredients: some tomatoes, oregano, garlic, cheese and basil.  It sounds so simple, but there is nothing ordinary about your first bite.

We tried. We tried so hard to finish the whole pizza. I will never forgive myself for not finishing that last piece.

You’ll waddle home tired and full, but Naples is a doable (long) day trip from Rome.

L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele

Napoli – Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3
(angolo Via P. Colletta)
Tel. 0815539204

14 thoughts on “Pizza in Naples: Da Michele

    • Ann Lear says:

      Hi Debra,
      They recommended Da Michele in the Australian this weekend so I searched on google

      Can I get in touch with you again

      Ann Lear, aqua teacher, Brisbane
      Ann Caroline Lear on facebook

  1. Jeremy says:

    You’re just copying everything Liz Gilbert does in Eat, Pray, Love! First San Crispino gelato, now going to Naples for a pizza….can’t you think of something original?!

    • La americana says:

      Oh god, that is the thing I live in fear of doing. I have no desire to live my life in the steps of what anyone else has ever done, but is impossible and ignorant to ignore those who have come before you. I will give Ms. Gilbert this- she knows her food. There are certain restaurants in Rome and in Italy that are so iconic, they cannot be skipped. They live up to the hype and avoiding them because they are mentioned in a novel or in a guidebook would only be doing a disservice to yourself.

      I majored in literature as an undergraduate, so I read Gilbert’s other work long before Eat, Pray, Love and I would recommend them over her best known book. Try her interview with Tom Waits called Play it Like Your Hair’s on Fire or her book The Last American Man, which I find to be a particularly interesting look at Americanism.

      Is there another restaurant that she mentions? Or did I get them all?

      • Azhar says:

        We found Pizzarium on a whim, so our suklls (and later our bellies) nearly exploded. The best pizza we’ve ever had. We had no idea who Bonci was, yet when he came outside to take a break and chat with another employee on break, we could just tell what a massive personality he is, and how kind and funny. After leaving Rome for Naples, we tried to return for more glorious Pizzarium slices, but, alas, they were closed. Thanks for helping us find more info on this great place and amazing chef.

  2. Fragolina says:

    This is a great blog, I’m enjoying reading your posts as I love everything that has to do with Italy. In the summer, my husband and I are going to Italy for few days and on the plan was a day trip to Napoli just to eat pizza Da Michele, but a friend of mine who practically knows Italy, said its better not to go to Napoli alone, I mean without “un Napoletano” coz its a bit “risky and dangerous” for the tourists since they could be mugged. What do u think??

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  4. Nazife says:

    The hawghiy between Naples and the shoe is, quite frankly, a little boring. We drove from Rome to Tropea and then from Tropea to Lucca/Florence (in the space of five days, no less!) with two days spent on the Amalfi coast. It was a LOT of driving, and not much to see until we got to Statale 163. That drive up the coast is gorgeous and nerve-wracking.

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