Alla Romana

“Alla Romana” can mean to split a bill right down the middle.

Example: So you were trying to save cash eating out with friends by ordering the cheapest pasta? Too bad. You’re going to go alla Romana and share the cost of everything evenly.

I use alla romana to refer to fashion sense. Specifically, dressing head to toe in a single color.  The coordination is incredible.

So as we get dressed up to head out this New Year’s Eve, I leave you with some fashion inspiration, alla Romana.

For the ladies:

And let’s not forget the gents:

Dude even had pink loafers.  Sure, the girl coordinated her motorino, but she loses points for white shoes.

Happy new year! Buon anno!!

2 thoughts on “Alla Romana

  1. Sarah May (@AntiquaTours) says:

    My husband has never heard of alla romana even though I tell him about it all the time. Those pink pants are amazing

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