Enoteca Provinica Romana: Terre e Domus

The center of Rome is fraught with bad food, and I tend to head towards more local neighborhoods when I want an affordable delicious meal.

You may be dreaming of beautiful dinners next to the Colosseum — but good luck!  Unless, of course, you make a reservation at Terre e Domus.

Terre e Domus

A short walk from the Colosseum, and smack dab next to Trajan’s Column, this restaurant is a little jewel in an enviable location.  Steps from Piazza Venezia, the enoteca is your best (and only) bet for food if you are checking out the Altare della Patria, or the Forum.

View from Enoteca Provinica Romana

For some reason, this restaurant is NEVER as busy as it should be and you could get lucky and try walking in without a reservation. However, if you want a view of the column, you need to call ahead.

pasta cicoria

A project sponsored by the county of Rome (“Provincia di Roma), the small establishment dishes up Roman pastas and second courses, with all ingredients sourced locally.

Last week, Sara and I booked the cool kid’s table for a Sunday lunch of fettucine cicoria e pecorino Romano (a seasonal veggie and cheese pasta).

Menu Terre e Domus

Prices are fair for the center of Rome, and the menu changes regularly.


To be totally honest, I am always skeptical of Lazio wine. There are only about two producers from Rome’s province that I find make reliable vino, but since Terre e Domus has only local specialities on offer, I gave in.

The staff is kind, if not really super attentive, and let us sample a taste before deciding on a glass to order.

Terre e Domus

Terre e Domus (previously called Enoteca Provincia Romana) is a great option for a casual, local meal after braving the crowds on Via Fori Imperiale, or pop in for aperitivo from 6-7:30 pm.

Terre e Domus
Foro Traiano, 82,
Roma, Italy
Open: Everyday from 9 am – midnight
+39 06 6994 0273

2 thoughts on “Enoteca Provinica Romana: Terre e Domus

  1. Ashley Leech says:

    Buonosera! Just wanted to know what 2 Lazio wines you trust as mentioned above, since when I’m in Rome I want to have wines that pair well with the typical amatricana, cacio e pepe and carbonara when I have those dishes…grazie mille!

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