Pigna Enoteca di Sardegna: Sardinian Food in Rome

culurgionis roma

My Sardinian friend told me that there were no good Sardinian restaurants in Rome.

Oh really?

Challenge accepted.

Sardegna a roma

When Livia shared that she had discovered a small, central enoteca specialized in all thing Sardegna, I called Serena.

“Let’s try it. You can be the judge.”

Pigna Enoteca di Sardegna

When we arrived, Stefano wasted no time in suggesting the mozzarella.

“Some bottarga?” he asked.

I hate bottarga.

“Only a little,” I pleaded.

I winced as he grated cured fish roe over our beautiful fresh mozzarella, I was truly concerned.  With a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil, the dish was presented.

Incredible. The saltiness of the bottarga was offset by the acidity of the lemon, and the result was the best mozzarella that I have had in a very long time.

culurgionis roma

We sipped Sardinian wine while waiting for our main course – culurgionis.

The stuffed pasta is filled with potatoes, cheese and mint.

The weight of the dish was not exactly my idea of light summer food, but I cleaned my plate.  And in fact, the speciality pasta IS a summer food in a way: the Sagra de Is culurgionis a Sadali – the festival dedicated to culurgionis in central Sardegna – happens every year on the first Sunday in August.

mirto Roma

“Mirto!” Stefano declared as we finished eating.

“Mirto?” I asked.

“One mirto,” Serena decided.

mirto di Sardegna

The digestivo – an after dinner liqueur – is made from myrtle, which grows freely in Sardegna.

The perfect end to a meal.

pasta di sardegna a roma

Stefano is happy to serve up lunch, aperitivo, or an early dinner. However, you can also buy Sardinian products to recreate a meal at home.

The enoteca is small and welcoming – and just steps from the Pantheon.  Our summer weather has been plagued with rain so far, but Pigna Enoteca di Sardegna is the perfect place to order a glass of wine and nibble specialty foods on a warm evening.

Pigna Enoteca di Sardegna
Via della Pigna, 3/3a
00186 Rome (Centro Storico)

+39 06 67 89 374

Open: 10 am to 8 pm. Closed Sundays.


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