Lunch in Amalfi, Italy

Amalfi Italy seafood lunch

The Amalfi coast is unlike any place I have been before.

Amalfi cliffs in Italy

It is unreal.

We were able to take in the cliffs and the sea as we took the ferry from Salerno, but our first port of call was Amalfi.

Amalfi Italy

I have heard many many times that the drive to Amalfi is incredible (if a bit nerve-wrecking), but the approach from sea is just as stunning.

Town of Amalfi in Italy

Pastel colored houses are piled on top of one another, as though everyone realized how special this small corner of the world really is.

Amalfi port

The resulting jumble is natural.

Buildings on the Amalfi coast

As we disembarked at the picturesque port, I caught a glimpse of the rows of tour buses.

Church in Amalfi Italy

As we walked into the village, and past the church, crowds eating neon-colored gelato at 11 am blocked our way.

Amalfi laundry

We stood at the bar, drinking our €3 cappuccino, and I did not have the patience to find the charm of the city that looked so sweet from the sea.  The swarms of people pushed me away.

Amalfi Italy by boat

We walked back out of the arched gates and along the marina, trying to find some space to breathe.

Which is when we stumbled upon Lo Smeraldino.

Amalfi Italy lunch with a view

Far from the crowds, we settled into a corner table, looking back at Amalfi.

It is a lovely village to see, but not a village to be. (At least for me).

boys in boat

As we waited for lunch, three boys rowed by.

Yes. A much slower pace and wider space was what I was looking for.

Lo smeraldino Amalfi

We sat down early, in order to have lunch in time to catch the 14:10 ferry back to Salerno, and the 15:25 train back to Rome.

Amalfi Italy lunch

Plenty of time for mozzarella to start, and homemade pasta to follow.
Amalfi Italy seafood lunch

Because Amalfi really is an incredible place. A town you must see.

Amalfi Italy

Just be sure to eat well, because what is beauty on a empty stomach?

Lo Smeraldino
Piazzale dei Protontini, 1
84011 Amalfi

+39 089 871070

2 thoughts on “Lunch in Amalfi, Italy

  1. Jay says:

    Wonderful pics & story! We visited Amalfi March of last year, taking the 2 Euro bus from Salerno. Off-season, the driver went a bit faster than high season, that’s for sure. Ate right on the water at Lido Azzurro, which was just opening up for the season. Barely 60 degrees F. but we basked in the unexpected warmth.

    Never got to Positano or further but Amalfi did just fine.



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