Truffles for Lunch in Asciano, Tuscany

truffles eggs in Tuscany

After a walk in the woods to hunt for Tuscan truffles, we drove to Asciano.

A small town outside of Siena, Asciano was the perfect kind of place to lunch.

asciano tuscany

We wasted no time settling into a table at La Mencia (Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 85).

Tuscan cured meats

Lovely antipasti were prepared and passed around, but I was waiting for the main event.

The truffles.

italy truffle pasta

Hearty pasta with a generous grating of tartufi marzolini.

truffles eggs in Tuscany

With all the anticipation of the hunt, I was not one to be stopped at a single truffled dish.

Simple fried eggs were transformed under the truffles.

asciano italy restaurant

Salt. Yolk. Truffles.  The delicate taste of the tubers came through much more in the egg dish, and the umami was insane.

Incredibly rich and delicious.

asciano italy streets of Tuscany

Completely satiated, it was time to take a post-lunch stroll.

asciano italy-8

While I am at home in Rome’s city living, it is hard to deny the charm of Tuscan village life.

asciano italy ape truck

The little streets brimming with Piaggio ape and filled with neighbors stopping to chat.

asciano doorway

It is enough to make a girl consider small town living, with a perfect balcony to watch the comings and goings.

Tuscan puppy in Asciano

This balcony, however, is already spoken for.

Many thanks to MyTour Tuscany Experts for organizing the trip! 


5 thoughts on “Truffles for Lunch in Asciano, Tuscany

  1. Karen says:

    I visited Asciano several years ago and loved it. Quiet and small. Really gorgeous. It was nice to think about that village again and see the photos! Thanks!

    • Natalie says:

      Ciao Karen! I am so glad you have had a chance to experience Asciano yourself. It is a charming town that I really enjoyed exploring 🙂

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