Mexican Food in Rome at Mezcaleria Callejon

Being born and raised in San Diego means that I was brought up on a steady diet of Mexican food. It is a cuisine that I miss on a deeply personal level, and my first stop in whenever I arrive home in California is always quite literally a taco shop. 

So I am pleased to welcome Mezcaleria Callejon to the Rome Mexican food scene.

The bar-restaurant is located just off of Piazza del Orologio, not too far from Piazza Navona. The decor is fairly simple but gets the point across – you know what kind of menu you are going to find here based on the sombreros on the wall.

And the food is good. Really good. The menu is based on tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, and huarache, with enchiladas and burritos mixed in alongside cochinita pibil. Pick your fillings (al pastor, tinga de pollo, carne, hongos, pescado, camaron) and you settle in.

tacos in Rome

The tortillas are excellent. Punto.

The meat (carne/steak above) was well seasoned and perfectly cooked. Jimmy said the same for his burrito – which comes with your choice of filling, plus rice, black beans and avocado. 

There are vegetarian options as well, including a mushroom-based filling that has gotten some great reviews. 

bowl of guacamole and chips on the side in Rome

The guacamole was the stuff California dreams are made of with slightly over-salted chips that I inhaled. 

And the margaritas had a kick without any cloying sweetness. 

The grand total for two tacos, one burrito, guacamole, and two margaritas? €55.

€55. A price tag that stabs at my California heart. Thankfully, the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen really is some of the best Mexican food in Rome. Probably the best at this exact moment in time. 

The prices lay a bit outside what I’m comfortable paying for tacos so I won’t be in a huge hurry to get back, which is too bad. But I will definitely be tucking this away for those special “I NEED GOOD MEXICAN FOOD” days. 

However, the staff were all incredibly kind (if a little bored), and passed the time playing with Giacomo and chatting to us about Rome.

For more affordable Mexican options in Rome, you can also try Pico’s Tacos or you can really indulge in amazing cocktails and killer design at Agaveria La Punta.

You certainly won’t leave Mezcaleria Callejon disappointed, but you will leave with a lighter wallet. 

Mezcaleria Callejon

Via dei Filippini, 4
Rome, Italy (Piazza Navona)

+39 06 88796387

Open every day from 12 pm to 1 am. 


One thought on “Mexican Food in Rome at Mezcaleria Callejon

  1. Kim Jermyn says:

    Good to know the bliss of Mexican food is getting around. Here in New Zealand we have a couple of options, but, yes, the prices stagger compared to anything I used to buy in my native USA.

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