La Punta: Cocktails in Trastevere, Rome

There are a lot of places I have liked recently in Rome.

Mercato Centrale? Intriguing but not somewhere I really want to hang out.

Mazzo? Pretty good, but far.

Madre? Ok.

But it has been a very long time since a new Rome restaurant really impressed me.

La Punta is better than good. The new Mexican bar in Trastevere gave me serious pause – it is fantastic.

Mexican bar in Rome
I basically swore off Mexican food in Rome when I moved here (because of this). But when we sat down at La Punta, and had the menu laid out in front of us at the bar, I raised my eyebrow.

la punta trastevere menu
Tacos de Res? Mole?

This looks like the real deal.

Then, my margarita was perfect.

Margaritas in Rome

When they brought us guacamole and hot salsa it was actual non-frozen guac! And actually hot salsa!

Mexican food in Rome
The tacos need some marinade work but these were the best tortillas I have ever had in Rome. (The fact that the bill is served in a tortilla press? Those babies are fresh).

Tacos in rome

The best part? The staff.

From bartenders to host, they are all incredibly welcoming and genuinely happy about showing off this beautiful concept they have managed to keep authentic and fun at the same time.

La Punta Rome Mexican

And I’m not just saying that because we got a free mezcal shot when finishing up.

Mezcal bar Rome

Other bars have tried the mezcal theme, but La Punta is the only one that nails it.

The tacos, tostadas and guacamole are all surprising bonuses.  Agaveria La Punta is the love child of The Jerry Thomas Project and Freni e Frizioni, there is a big emphasis on perfect cocktails.

Overall, La Punta is thoughtful – the concept starting bouncing around in 2014, and the Trastevere bar is now built on the staff’s multiple longterm stints in Mexico.

La Punta is a place I want to spend a lot more time, very soon.

Agaveria La Punta
Via Santa Cecilia 8
Rome, Italy (Trastevere)

For reservations (which I assume you will be needing soon): +3906 5816665 or [email protected]

Closed Mondays. Open Tuesday – Sunday 6:30 pm to 2 am.

4 thoughts on “La Punta: Cocktails in Trastevere, Rome

  1. Natalie says:

    That marg is genius! The chips are a bit thickly cut, but all the more for scooping the guac! It’s the best I have found in Rome.

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  3. Frederick R Polli says:

    That looks amazing. We will definitely go there. Is it Oaxacan Mexican? With Molé and mezcal, it looks like it. We went to Oaxaca last summer and it was amazing. Italy and Oaxaca are now my two favorite places in the world. I learned that Oaxaca actually has as much Italian cultural influence as Spanish. Must be why it is so amazing. 🙂 My girlfriend is Chinese and we tease each other about which is the oldest and greatest culture, Italian or Chinese. I think she wins oldest but I win greatest!

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