Madre in Rome’s Monti district: Ceviche, Pizza and Cocktails

garden restaurant Madre in Rome with hanging plant rows on ceiling, living plant wall and bright green couches

Having opened just last week in Monti, Madre might be Rome’s most Pinterest perfect location.

Madre Rome in Monti

The perfectly mismatched table settings? The colorful glass wear? The menu design?

Checkity check check.

Madre Monti table setting

But it is really, obviously, the lush, curated garden setting that makes the outdoor dining room so gorgeous.

Madre Monti garden dining

Gifted with a cool summer evening, we wasted no time and dove into the cocktail menu.

Madre Monti cocktail menu

Light and balanced, the manzanilla sour with grapefruit and red peppercorns was lovely.

Madre Rome Cocktail bar in Monti

While we waited for the dining room to fill up, we perused the menu.

Madre Rome restaurant

The concept of Madre is a bit out there for Rome, I’m not going to lie.

Pizza? And Ceviche? Ok…

Madre Monti Pizza

The pizza is not at all Roman style.

The thick base is a bit at odds with the crispy thinness of traditional pizzerias in Rome.

It is more of a flatbread style, and this one with chorizo, potato and smoked Provolone was great.

Madre melanzane maritozzo

When I saw the savory maritozzi on the menu, I couldn’t resist. (Maritozzi are usually a breakfast bun filled with whipped cream).

It was smaller than expected, and filled with melanzane alla parmigiana.

Good, but not necessary.

Madre Ceviche in Rome

The ceviche was the standout – tuna with avocado. Fantastic.

And hard to find in Rome!

Stuffed, we declined dessert but managed to find room to sample the gummy candy that was delivered to the table.

Madre Monti candy dessert

Everything at Madre is designed to be shared, which is just what Sara and I did.

For the pizza, ceviche, maritozzo, a cocktail each and water, we paid €72, which puts Madre slightly at the high end for Rome restaurant prices. The price for the pizza (€20) was kind of shocking.

Is it incredibly trendy? Yes.
Is it beautiful? Um, yes. Totally.

It is worth a visit to sit outside in the well designed garden space, just below the church. In fact, Madre’s entrance is against the church’s gate.

Be sure to reserve. Like I said – it’s trendy, and that means it is also full.

Largo Angelicum 1
Rome, Italy (Monti)
+39 06 678 9046



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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Natalie,
    I’ve been following your Blog since a while and I love it! How to edit your pictures? And which camera do you use recently?
    Keep up the great work!

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