Ercoli 1928: Restaurant and Gourmet Shop in Rome’s Parioli District

Even repeat visitors to Rome often miss the Parioli neighborhood.

Quiet and refined Parioli is not a major destination for culinary or sightseeing adventures. However, Ercoli 1928 has added a major upgrade to the area’s dining scene.

Ercoli is actually part store, part bar and part restaurant – so it is a destination for everything from shopping to boozing or eating.

The “1928” refers to when the shop first opened as a gastronomia – so specialty foods have long been a part of Ercoli’s history.

The traditional deli, however, got a major makeover last year.

You can pick out cheese, meats and small nibbles to take home OR you can pay and settle into a table to enjoy the Italian specialties on the spot.

In addition to foods from the deli counter, Ercoli also has a refined menu with everything from seafood to duck ragu.

The restaurant also does a mean aperitivo, because one of the most interesting things about Ercoli is that it has a bar dedicated to vermouth.

The under-appreciated Italian liquor makes an interesting base for some seriously grown up cocktails.

The drinks and small bites (most of which are taken from the deli counter) are my favorite things about Ercoli.

One of the major pros of the reincarnation as a restaurant-bar is that it means the cheese counter also stays open until 1 am (should you have a late night cheese emergency). For that reason, it made my cheese lover’s guide to Rome.

But a small con that I will throw out there is that I think the menu is slightly overpriced. Nothing exorbitant, but noticeably on the higher end for the items that are offered.

Overall, Ercoli has been a great addition to the Parioli neighborhood and worth a stop if you are looking for something to eat after exploring Coppedè.

Ercoli Parioli
Viale dei Parioli, 184
00197 Rome

+39 06 8080084

Open every day from 9 am to 1 am.

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