Maker Faire: Creative Gathering in Rome

Rome has earned the nickname the Eternal City thanks to its ability to endure untouched and yet remade over the ages.

But to assume that Rome never changes would be a mistake. While traditions reign supreme, innovators throughout the city and beyond and preserving the best of what’s old while embracing the new.

Now, these tinkerers, innovators and forward thinkers will gather under one roof to share ideas for the future.

Maker Faire is a three day event taking place from 1-3 December at Fiera di Roma. The exhibition space will be split between areas for workshops, talks and interactions with makers from a variety of backgrounds sharing their expertise.

The event first started in San Francisco and is a bit like one giant show and tell. Speakers will host talks covering everything from robotics to the future of food.

Saturday boasts discussions on artificial intelligence, whereas Sunday features a lot of speakers covering the use of technology in food systems. In between, there are plenty of planned talks on fashion and tech, as well drones and the ethics of innovation.

Outside of the lecture halls, there will also be booths and exhibitions spaces that can be explored at your own pace. I would love to see these 3D printed fashion items, and learn more about the urban gardens being grown inside containers around Rome.

Many of the exhibitors will be there to show off new inventions in wearable tech, cameras, or gloves that can help you cook.

A full three days really are needed to explore all the diversity and creativity at the conference.

There are also lots of workshops designed specifically for kids – who can get hands on experience building and making away while learning about topics like robotics.

Tickets are available here, and there are plenty of discounts for students and other groups. Fiera di Roma is off the FL1 train line, or the MyTaxi app is offering a 50% discount on lifts to the conference. Here is how to get there.

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