August 2017 Events in Rome: Your Calendar of What to Do

The city of Rome is not making things easy in August.

There are talks of water rationing as a means of dealing with the drought. Water would be shut off to residents, hotels, and all businesses for 8 hours a day. We are waiting for more details on the plan to deal with the serious shortage but the crisis seems to be averted for now. At least until September…

Other August shutdowns include Metro A. The metro will still run between Termini and Battistini (e.g. you can still get the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Vatican), but the line will be closed in the other direction. There will be no service for the entire month between Termini and Arco di Travertino due to ongoing construction of Metro C at San Giovanni. Here is more information in Italian.

Finally, expect some shops and restaurants to close down, especially if you are visiting in mid or late August. Here is a bit more on what to expect in Rome every month of the year, with my apologies that August is certainly one of the hardest.

But don’t give up all hope of eating well – Katie Parla and Tavole Romane have put together lists of what is open throughout the month.

What to I recommend? All of the rooftop bars for a bit of a breeze, and then plenty of the best gelato in Rome.

But without further ado, here are the August events in Rome:

Throughout August: Be sure to check the schedules for summer events in Rome, such as the Opera and concerts at Teatro Marcello. While the Trastevere open air cinema closes, you can head to the Kino cinema at the Ex-Dogana instead.

2 August: The Offspring are in concert in Rome.

3 August: The Ex-Dogana is hosting two group from Puglia for La Notte della Taranta.

5 August: Rome might be under an oppressive heatwave right now but it’s about to snow at Santa Maria Maggiore. Every year, the church commemorates the miracle of a long ago August snow with a light show, music, and artificial flurries.

6 August: The first Sunday of every month is Domenica al Museo and that equals free entry to many of Rome’s museums and monuments. Try Centrale Montemartini (free for residents), or even pop into the Colosseum gratis. Other favorites that are free for all include Palazzo Spada for the perspective and Palazzo Barberini for the Caravaggios and the gardens.

7 August: Cyclists are gathering at Piazza del Popolo tonight for a bike ride under the full moon. More information here.

7-13 August: Can’t make it to the actual beach for an evening drink? Console yourself with Eataly’s Fish and Wine Festival.

10 August: Aim for San Lorenzo tonight for a free concert by Il Muro del Canto.

11-13 August: Well this sounds refreshing: Ex-Dogana and Condominio San Lorenzo are hosting a Moscow Mule festival. Entrance is free before 9 pm, and drinks start at just €3.50.

15 August: Happy Ferragosto! Today is a national holiday in Italy and many (/most) businesses will be closed. One thing that is not closed? Museums! Rome city museums and sites (in other words, excludes the Vatican) are open for business and offering free entrance. It is a good excuse to go check out the Ara Pacis, or Palazzo Braschi, the Capitoline Museums or Centrale Montemartini.

27 August: Head out to Lanificio159 for a special karaoke night.

Ongoing Exhibits in Rome:

Arazzeria Pennese: Through September 3rd, the MACRO is hosting an exhibit of tapestries woven at the Arazzeria Pennese workshop near Pescara.

Botero: There are a few weeks left to get to the Vittoriano for a major retrospective of Colombian artist Fernando Botero. 50 works from 1958 through 2016 will be on display until 27 August.

Boom, Beat, Bubble: The Japanese Cultural Institute has partnered with the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna on a new show that features Japanese prints from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The exhibit runs through 18 October at the Istituto Giapponese di Cultura via Antonio Gramsci 74.

L’Ara com’era: Through October 14th, you can see the Ara Pacis as it was. Using virtual reality, the temple dedicated to the Roman goddess Pax is brought back to life. The exhibit runs from 8:45 pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturday nights. Groups are split by language, and booking information is available on the Ara Pacis website.

Chao Ge: 100 contemporary works by Chinese artist Chao Ge will be on display at the Vittoriano through September 26th.

This post will be updated as more information on August Events in Rome becomes available. 

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For even more suggestions of what to do, see and eat, download the Discover Rome App!


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  1. Shannon Tymkiw says:

    We are going to genoa amd santa margherita ligure in september (starting the 18th) where can i find out how the drought is affecting this part of the country?

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