Palazzo Braschi: Rome’s Museum at Piazza Navona

I have been curious about Palazzo Braschi for a very long time because I walk by it constantly.

Palazzo Braschi Rome

Located on the edge of Piazza Navona, you can pass through the courtyard to get to the square.

I always imagined the building was filled with statues.

Palazzo Braschi Roma

As I walked in for the first time, it did not disappoint.

The staircase is stunning, and I paused to examine the plater reliefs on the ceiling.

Palazzo Braschi Ceiling

As I climbed to the first floor, I became more and more excited to see the rest of the palazzo.

Rome Museum piazza navona


It was kind of “meh.”

I have heard that the collection is a bit disappointing, and I have to agree.

There are some lovely paintings of Rome’s monuments, and it is interesting to see these versions of Rome from the 1700 and 1800s, but it feels a bit thrown together.

Palazzo Braschi Rome

There is an exhibit running through 2 October 2016 on caricatures (no photography allowed), which was better than the standing collection.

However, the best thing about Palazzo Braschi is the staircase.

Oh, and the view.

Piazza Navona Rome

You will have to decide if this is worth the price of admission, but I would tend to recommend both Palazzo Spada and Palazzo Barberini first.

Restoration is currently ongoing, which means the quality may change over time. To date, only the first floor is open, though there are plans to open other levels in the future.

Palazzo Braschi
Piazza Navona, 2
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico)

Open: Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm

Tickets are €11 but entrance is free for Rome residents (with ID) on the first Sunday of every month.

8 thoughts on “Palazzo Braschi: Rome’s Museum at Piazza Navona

  1. Mike M says:

    Thanks for the ‘review” of Palazzo Braschi – it is on my list of stuff to see next time in Rome, a place I’ve walked past many times and have been curious about – mainly for the red granite columns in it that come from a structure built by the Emperor Caligula on the Tiber.

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