Video: Music Over an Empty Piazza Navona

In case you need your dose of goosebumps for the day, this performance by young guitarist Jacopo Mastrangelo should hit the spot.

As church bells finishing sounding and the sun sets in the background, Jacopo hits the first notes of a song by beloved Italian composer Ennio Morricone.

The song was created for Sergio Leone’s 1984 film “C’era una volta in America” and the tune is the best-known score ever written by Morricone.

Yet, instead of set to a film, the music here flits over a completely empty Piazza Navona. One person stops below as they walk through the locked-down city, but many more are listening from their own homes as the music passes over the rooftops of Rome.

I hope I never see Piazza Navona this empty again, but the scene, together with the music, is truly emotional.

(Also, I have serious terrace envy right now). 

5 thoughts on “Video: Music Over an Empty Piazza Navona

  1. Audrey Meyer says:

    Goosebumps? How about tears?! The only tears I’ve shed in the past year have been for my beloved dad who passed last July at age 91; until I watched this now 😢
    Thank you for sharing. And I wish you the best with your new baby! Thank you for always bringing me tidbits of la bella Roma ❤️ until I can hopefully return next April to celebrate my 60th birthday.
    As my dad quoted St Teresa of Ávila: “this too shall pass” (roughly changed from her original).

  2. Jo Elin DuBois says:

    Beautifully done. I come here each time I visit Roma. Always the crowds, the artists. A drawing hangs in my home. A reminder of all the beauty that is Roma. Beautifully performed. Grazie.

  3. Paul Lancia says:

    Yes, tears. This is Morricone’s most emotional piece, in my opinion. I could not help but weep looking down at the empty piazza and that beautiful sunset.

    Bravo Jacopo !
    Thank you Natalie.

  4. cinzia says:

    Grazie Jacopo per questa emozione e onori a Ennio Morricone, un Mito. Avevo 13 anni emozionatissima a Roma alla prima del film “Il buono il brutto e il cattivo” chiesi a Ennio Morricone un autografo

  5. cico says:

    mah i grandi Maestri della musica i grandi artisti , la storia, e quella piazza la bellezza allo stato puro, poi si meravigliano che siamo orgogliosi di essere Italiani. (politici a parte).

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